Salon quality Hair.
At home.

With the My Hairdresser Hair Colour Range, Colouring your Hair at home has never been easier or more rewarding. And you’ll never have to sacrifice on quality. Ever.


"I was a working mum with little spare time and unimpressed with the home Colouring scene. With 30+ years in Haircare under my belt, I knew I could do it better."

— Susan. My Hairdresser founder.


Why My Hairdresser?

Salon quality, Italian Made Hair Colours.

Resealable. Perfect for Regrowth touchups.

Do your Hair, on your time frame.

Products to suit your Hair and Skin tone.

Customisable Hair Colour Shades.

24/7 Online Product Support.

Do your own

No matter what motivates you to do your Hair Colour, the My Hairdresser Colour Range is built to fulfil your needs.

Regrowth Touchups

Refresh your Regrowth when you need to.

New Hair Colour

Ready for your transformation? We're ready for you.

Cover Greys

Our Hair Colours cover 100% of Greys, even the most stubborn ones.

Use what you need.

You have the freedom to choose the Hair Colour and Developer for your Hair, with the Accessories to make your Colouring experience easier.

How to choose your Products

Once you've chosen your Hair Colour Shade, we'll show you how to choose your Developer and Accessory.

Find the Hair Colour Shade you want

From your choice of over 30 Permanent Hair Colours.

Choose the best Developer for your Hair

To mix with your Colour and achieve your desired Hair Colour.

Mix it in your Tint Bowl, apply with your Tint Brush

To cleanly blend your mixture and get to all those hard to reach places.

Or easily spread it with an Applicator Bottle

Pour, shake and easily apply your mixture through your Hair.

How to do your Hair

Once you're ready, our Step by Step Guides are always available to show you how to get the job done.

How To Colour Your Hair

Get Started with Mixing Ratios, Development time and How To Colour Your Hair in 3 Steps.

How to Apply Hair Colour

How to apply your Colour mixture using a Tint Bowl and Brush Set or Applicator Bottle.

How To Colour Your Regrowth

We show you the quickest and easiest way to touch up your Regrowth and keep your Colour fresh.

Ready to begin?

Get Started

Need help?

Our Colour Consultants are ready to answer your questions. Ask them to put together a cart for you!

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