How To Choose The Brunette Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Unlock the richness of Brunette beauty with our guide to finding the perfect Brunette Shade to match your skin tone.

What's My Skin Tone?

It's easy to establish your skin tone by inspecting the inside of your wrist area where your veins are.
Tip: You can be both skin tones, which means you suit all Hair Colours!

Cool Skintones

Veins in the wrist are Blue or Purple
Skin has a Pink, Red or Blue tinge
In the sun, skin looks Blue-ish
Find Blue clothing is more flattering

Warm Skintones

Veins in the wrist are Green or Olive
Skin has a Yellow, Gold or peach tinge
In the sun, skin looks Yellowish
Red and Orange clothing is more flattering

Begin by establishing how Light you want your Brunette to be

Brunettes aren't just one Dark Shade, they range from Dark to Light. Choosing your Brunettes Lightness is the perfect starting place.


Brown / Black

Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Light Brown

Once you have decided your Brunettes Lightness, find the Shade best suited to your Skin tone.

Cool Skin Tones

Suit Cool Brunettes with dewy Undertones or crisp Ash reflects that calm Hair with Cooling pigments.

Warm Skin Tones

Suit Warm Brunette with energising reflects and glowing Undertones that brighten Hair.

Natural Brunettes

Natural Brunettes mimic Natural Colour Tones with added gloss and Light attracting Tones. Natural Brunettes are perfectly suited to all skin tones.