Colour Remover FAQ's

General Use

Can I re-Colour straight after Colour Removing?

For the best results, we suggest waiting at least 48 hours before re Colouring. When re Colouring, select a Hair Colour at least 2 shades Lighter than your desired Colour (i.e. If you want to be a 5 select a 7). 

I have black Hair that I have Coloured for awhile. Will Colour Remover get me back to my original Colour?

Lets be honest, Colour Remover is amazing, but its not a miracle worker. Black is the hardest Colour to remove from Hair, and will take multiple applications of Colour Remover.

I have long, thick Hair. How much product will I need?

For Colour Remover to be most affective, it is important that there is enough product to cover the Hair. We suggest using at least 2 boxes of Colour Remover. 

Colour Remover removed my Hair Colour but left it with Orange or Yellow (Gold) Tones?

This means the Colour Remover has worked. The orange or yellow tones left in your Hair is from the Developer that was used when you Coloured your Hair previously. This can simply be fixed by either re-Colouring the Hair to the shade you want to be or using the My Hairdresser Toning Kit.

I used the Colour Remover and it worked the first day but then got Darker over the next few days?

This can be due to multiple reasons.
1. Do not leave Colour Remover on your Hair for more than the instructed 20 minutes. Leaving Colour Remover on the Hair for longer, will not remove more Colour. If the application exceeds the instructed time, your Colour can revert.
2. For the Colour Remover to work it needs to be thoroughly rinsed out of the Hair. We suggest rinsing for 5 minutes. When the Hair hasn’t been rinsed enough this problem can sometimes happen.

Is there anything I can do to help the Colour Removing process?

Mix and apply the Colour Remover quickly and wrap in cling wrap or a shower cap asap.

Can Colour Remover be used on all brands of Permanent Hair Colour?

No. While most Permanent Hair Colours are fine to be removed, some contain metallic salts and dye’s which Colour Remover can not remove from the Hair. To find out if your Hair Colour contains metallic salts simply check the ingredients section on the box.

Is the My Hairdresser Permanent Hair Colour Remover safe to use?

We always recommend doing a Skin Allergy Test before Colour Removing and follow the instructions. 

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