After Colouring

I have Coloured my Hair and it is lighter than I want.

When you Colour Lighter or pre Lightened Hair with a much Darker Shade, your Hair Colour may end up being Lighter than you expected. When this happens you will need to use a Colour filler to build pigment back into your Hair, so your new Darker Shade has foundations to build off.

For example:
Your Hair is currently pre Lightened with a 9 Very Light Blonde and you want to be 5.53 Chocolate Brown. Using a 7.3 Golden Blonde as a Colour filler, before Colouring with a 5.53 Chocolate Brown, will give you a stronger Colouring foundation for a smoother all over Hair Colour.

I have Coloured my Hair and it is darker than I wanted.

If your Colour turns out darker than you wanted, wash it immediately with a clarifying shampoo. You can leave the shampoo on your Hair for 5 -10 minutes, continue to shampoo regularly until the Colour fades. If you want to bring your Hair Colour down a shade, apply Colour Remover to wet, towel dried Hair or use Colour Remover to start again.

What happens if I leave the Colour on my Hair longer than instructed?

Leaving your Hair Colour on for longer than instructed can create a negative effect, leaving you with a Darker Hair Colour and potentially causing damage.

What happens if I wash my Hair out before the time instructed?

Prematurely stopping your Colour process means your Hair Colour will not reach its full potential, not lifting or depositing enough Colour pigment or covering Greys.

Is it normal to see Colour run out of my Hair when washing 24-48 hours later?

Yes, particularly after Colouring with Dark and Red Hair Colours.

The Hair around my face turned out a different Colour!

The Hair around your face will absorb the Colour easier because it’s often a lot finer and more porous compared to the rest of your Hair.

Why do my Grey Hairs turn out lighter?

Grey Hair can be resilient and resistant to Colour absorbing the Colour differently than the rest of your Hair. Next time you Colour your Hair, apply your Colour mixture to your Grey areas first.

How many times should I shampoo my Hair when rinsing/washing the Colour out?

You should rinse your Hair thoroughly in warm water until the water runs clear, generally around 3 - 5 minutes. Follow with a good shampoo, really lathering your scalp and condition as normal.

How soon after Colouring my Hair can I wash it?

Try and wait at least 48 hours after Colouring before washing your Hair to allow your Colour to settle before regular washing.

My Hair Colour is warmer than I wanted.

You may Naturally throw Warmth when Colouring and your Developer and Colour can encourage Warmth as well. Use a Toner Kit to help Tone any unwanted Warmth.

In the future, choose a Hair Colour with Natural or Cool Colour to Tone your Hair when Colouring.

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