10 Colour Commandments

1. Make sure there is plenty of Product.

You need enough Product to fully cover your Hair. A lack of Product will affect your end result.

How Much Colour Will I Need?

For short Hair / Colouring Regrowth

1 x Permanent Hair Colour
1 x Developer


2 x Permanent Hair Colour
2 x Developer

How Much Colour Remover Will I Need?


1 x Colour Remover


2 x Colour Remover

All My Hairdresser Colours, Developers and Colour Remover are resealable, and can be used again in the future.
Remember the measurements for Developers: For every 1 part Colour you need to use 1.5 Parts Developer. If Colouring with a High Lift Colour, you will use 1 part Colour to 2 parts Developer.

2. Correct Products For You.

Do you know your Natural Hair Colour? Is your Developer strong enough to achieve the Colour that you want? Do you need to Colour Remove any Colour Build Up that could hinder the Colouring Process? These factors are important to consider when doing your Colour.

3. Create Your Own At Home Salon.

By creating a home salon setup it can make each Colour experience less daunting and can seriously help with productivity. Our key go to home salon tools to always have on hand are:
Old towels. They are perfect to use as a cape, do quick face and neck clean ups and drying your newly Coloured Hair (particularly if you are Colouring with darker Colours).
Choose an old item of clothing to use every time you Colour. We have a go to shirt, which is also easy to unbutton and get out of when its time to wash the Colour out.
Floor covering. Cover your floor and anything within Colour splashing distance. We use an old cape, thats easy to throw in the washing machine once we are done and can be ready for the next Colour.

4. Hair Must Be Dry And Product Free.

This goes without question; before Colour and Colour Removing, your Hair needs to be dry and Product free. There are only a handful of processes that will require your Hair to be wet before you begin.

5. Always Do A Skin Allergy Test.

48 hours before each use of Colour or Colour Remover, always perform a Skin Allergy Test. This can help determine if any allergy or hypersensitivity exists.

6. Strand Tests are problem solvers.

Strand Tests can really prevent problems from happening. Use a small amount of Hair to do a mini Colour to test if you will like the result, if the Colour will work or to see if you have any Colour Build Up. They are the best way to avoid serious Colour disasters.

7. It's All About The Tools.

Have everything on hand to help achieve an easy and equal application. These tools not only make life easier, they are the key to properly applying your Product: 

8. Know Your Process Times.

Pay Attention to instructions! Always know the process time of the Product you are using. Never leave Colour or Colour Remover on for longer than the stated development time. Leaving Colour Remover on your Hair longer than instructed will not make the Colour Remover, remove more.

9. Write A Colour Card.

Just like the Hairdressers, write down the mixture you use, with the quantities of each Colour and Developer. It makes it easier when you go to Colour your Hair next time.

10. Oops! Made A Mistake?

Got the wrong Colour or is your Colour too dark or uneven? We have a solution - Colour Remove. If you don't like your Colour and you want to start again, Colour Remove. Or is the Colour a little too dark and you want to lighten it? Colour Remover on wet, towel dried Hair to weaken the removing power and lightly Remove the Colour.
Or is your Colour not dark enough? Choose a Colour a shade or two Darker, or if its too dull try a Colour with a Red, Copper or Violet reflect for some extra character.
Are you left with a Colour too Orange or Yellow? Simple, just Tone it with a Toner Kit.
Or is the Colour uneven? If its due to your application, just re Colour. If its uneven due to your past Colour and Natural roots, you will most likely need to Colour Remove and start again.

Want to talk with someone?

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