Winters Most Coveted Hair Colours Will Give Your Hair Life Through The Cold Months

These shades are the recharge worn out Winter Hair needs. 

In our local area of Sydney, there is a common saying among swimmers — wetsuits on after Mothers Day. Such is the timing when the cooler ocean currents begin to make their way through the beaches, lowering the temperature into one brilliant at taking your breath away. The same happens to us when we see the days shortening and the sun losing its intensity — it is time for our Winter shade.

You’d be forgiven for presuming that Hair Colour is not seasonal. But, as the insiders know, the change of a season gives you the chance to switch to a hue that thrives during that time of year.

Take Summer, for instance. Intense, vibrant shades are not a match for sun-seekers and water babies — those two things will zap the intensity out in a flash. Winter, however, is perfect for them. It is also the best time of year to:

Incorporate Gold into your Hair Colour, to bring back the radiance and glow generally lacking in your Hair and skin tone through the colder season.
Move to the Dark side and indulge in richer shades.
Take refuge in Natural shades, giving Hair a much-needed rest and recuperation after the brutality of warm weather elements.
Use the extra indoor time to partake on the Colour journey you've been talking about doing forever.

Keep scrolling to discover Winters most coveted Colours.

Dark and Stormy Shades

Immerse yourself in superior depth and spectacularly melodramatic tones. Up-the-ante of your Winter wardrobe with a hue that does the talking, flashing a sleek gloss of mirror-esque shine with every head movement. Let the grandiose of these shades take over you, in the most wonderful way.

My Hairdresser
Blue Black
My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Ebony Brown

All Engulfing Brunettes

Like being swept up in a Winter romance, these sumptuously indulgent Brunettes will wine and dine their way into your heart. Get lost in the wine country, choosing Brunette shades bulging in rich Burgundy and Chocolate tones. Engulf yourself in extraordinary flamboyant purple Plum tones. Delight the senses in pure, unfiltered Natural depth. Flawless.

My Hairdresser
Light Brown
My Hairdresser
Deep Chocolate Plum
My Hairdresser
Burgundy Brunette

Can't Believe It's Not Summer, Glow.

Awaken Hair from hibernation and overwhelm the harshness of Winter by saturating your Colour in intoxicating Warmth. Bask in the brilliance of bronze, enjoying a seamlessly constant sun-kissed tone all year round. Enhance Hair with an overflowing Golden hue that can't help but catch and bring in the light, ensuring your Hair and complexion retains their exuberant energy. Find your bronzed Brunette and go with it.

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
My Hairdresser
Chestnut Brunette

Cozying Colour Tones

Just like cosying into your favourite loungewear on a cold, rainy day — replenish your Hair with a recuperating shade, for some much needed TLC away from over processing. One application of the hydrating Colour formula and the healing process begins. Refresh your shine in the loving embrace of Natural tones. Replace lost pigment and flood Hair in Mahogany Gold dimension for a pure enlivening recharge. Renew your Colour tone with an invigorating bang of Warmth that will have you coming back for more, more, more.

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Blonde
My Hairdresser
Dark Toffee Blonde

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