Why didn’t my Hair Colour come out like the box said it would?

Our 5 most common answers to - I used this Product and it didn't work like it said it would.

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My Colour is too Light. My Colour is too Dark.
I used this Product, nothing happened.

Sound familiar?

Using a salon professional range like ours means you have the freedom of choice. But when the choice is a wrong one and your Colour doesn’t turn out the way you want, it’s easy to point the finger and blame somewhere else.

But that’s the great thing about Hair Colour, it hides no secrets and the root of the problem can generally be traced. Which can lead your problem into an opportunity to develop your Colouring skills into a better home Colourer.

Keep reading to see our 5 most common answers to Colour issues.

Your Natural Hair Colour

Did you know your Natural Hair Colour is the most important factor when choosing your Hair Colour? Not taking your Natural Hair Colour into account is one of the biggest reasons Hair Colour doesn’t turn out how you expect it to.

For example: You are Naturally a 3 Dark Brown and you want to be a very Light Ash Blonde, so you choose a 9.1 Light Ash Blonde and a 40 Volume Developer. This combination will only lift your Colour 4 shades Lighter and the Colour you have chosen is 5 shades Lighter. This means you will only Lighten to an ashy, 8 Light Blonde.

You can map out the right Colour and Developer for you here.

What Hair Colour, is in your Hair?

If your Hair is currently Coloured with a Chocolate Brown, you can’t just decide on a whim that you want to be a Peach Blonde and throw the Colour over the top. If you have a Dark Hair Colour on your Hair and you want to Colour your Hair Lighter, you must Colour Remove the Dark Colour out first before you can Lighten your Hair. If you do not do this, your Colour will not change.

In reverse, if you have Coloured your Hair Colour with a really Light Blonde (say 9 Very Light Blonde) and you want to be a Brunette (say 5 Light Brown) you should build your Colour by using a Colour filler.

A Colour filler is very simple to do and will give you a smooth Hair Colour. You can find out more here.

Did you follow the correct processing time?

We often hear this - I ended up leaving my Colour Remover on for up to an hour, to help budge my Colour. People, the instructions say 20 minutes for a reason. Colour Remover is a science and leaving Colour Remover on for longer than 20 minutes can lead to the process reversing. So please follow the instructions, it will not remove more Hair Colour.

We also hear this a lot too - I have fine Hair, so I only left the Colour on for 20 minutes. What do you think 20 minutes is going to do? Sit the time out and let the Colour pigments work their magic so you can get the Colour you're are looking for. You’ll find processing times here.

What other products are you using on your Hair?

Colour lock shampoos and conditioners or Colour treatments are a fan favourite to help maintain vibrancy in a Colour, but they can be the enemy of Colour and Colour Remover because they block the Product from getting in and working on your Hair.

Stop using these Products for at least a week prior to your Colour or Colour Remover application and wash your Hair regularly during the lead up to help remove the Colour lock products.

In contrast, anti dandruff and clarifying shampoos can be a fast track to washing your Colour away and stripping you of your vibrancy. So when you have found your Colour, keep these shampoos to a minimum.

Do you know your Undertones?

Your Hair Colours Natural Undertones can affect your Colour result.

If you have Warm Undertones and you choose a Warm Colour thinking you want a Golden Colour, you might end up with too much Warmth. The same will happen if you have Cool Undertones and you choose a Cool Colour. Instead, you could use a Natural Hair Colour and rely on your Colours Undertone to bring the feeling to your Colour.

Or you can counteract your Natural Undertones by choosing Colours that will Cool down or Warm up your Colour, to help you get the Colour result you are looking for.

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