Why Coppers will rule the world this year

These shades are going to be major.

Only one month into the new year and we are seeing our ’19 Colour predictions come true. We’re seeing grungy, glam, feminine, pastel variations and it seems pretty obvious — Copper has set its sights on world domination.

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And it's so obvious why. Copper is a unique Colour combination that’s loaded with Warmth and rather flamboyant hues, without going overboard. But it’s the softness of these bright and feisty Shades that make a better Colour choice for a broader variety of Skin Tones compared to the Fire Reds or Mahoganies.

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And these spirited shades can be easily tweaked. Adding more Gold will subdue the intensity of the Copper, while still keeping the Hair Colour rich and bright (think Strawberry Blonde). Or softened down with a dash of Blonde and you’ll have a pastel Peach. And guess what! When you want a sophisticated vibe, adding depth will meet your needs.

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So, will Copper be making an appearance on your head this year?

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