Why Colour Remover is The Product of the Decade

And we’re still as obsessed as when we first met.

The end of year wrap up is different this year. This year, we’re wrapping up a whole decade! Can you believe it! Much to celebrate, plenty to forget, loads to look back on fondly. Staring back at the decade that was, has us like a parent looking over all their children's achievements. Each of us here at My Hairdresser HQ may have different tastes or penchants for individual hues but we can all agree all our Products are superstars in our eyes. And just as every parent will tell you, we have no favourites.

Annnnddddd then there is Colour Remover.

The peoples favourite! The best seller! The Hair saver! It’s impossible to tally up the amount of heads Colour Remover has transformed. “Where has Colour Remover been all my life?”, “It’s like the Product of my dreams”, “Why doesn’t everyone know about how good this is” are regular lines of feedback hitting our inboxes. And how can you not smile when somebody else gets it.

Pre Colour Remover, life was bleak. Remember once upon a time when you decided to Colour your Hair, saw it in the mirror, freaked out, cried and lost your you-know-what. We know what happens next — you flew down to the supermarket, wearing a hat to hide the embarrassment, in search of anything to cover up your Colour disaster and choosing something that helps you dig a deeper hole. Colour Removers revolutionary formula meant that for the first time ever, Permanent Hair Colour could be softly sucked out of the Hair without the brutality of Bleach, so common situations like this could be quickly washed away like it was all a bad dream.

And let’s not forget about the heavy lifting Colour Remover does, rescuing Hair drowning in Colour Build Up that has suffocated the very last morsel of vibrancy out of it. Colour Remover calmly works its way in and sucks all the unnecessary pigment out, so the Build Up just washes away without effecting your Hairs ecosystem.
Tip: if you have a bit of Build Up to budge, you can do back to back Colour Removers to get out as much as possible. (Just allow your Hair to settle for 24 hours after the second application, before beginning again.)

In addition, using Colour Remover to regularly refresh your Hair keeps it healthy and free from Colour Banding and Colour Build Up while ensuring you maintain shine.

So, Colour Remover here’s to you. Let us raise a glass to the game changer you are and all the Hair you’re still to save in the future decades.

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