When your Blonde is blah, add in Lowlights.

If you have champagne taste on a beer budget approach to your Colour  - Lowlights give great return, for little investment.

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In case you are unaware, Lowlights are the opposite to Highlights. They are darker strands of Colour that create contrast and dimension through your Hair. They are easy to do. They create a shadowing through your Hair, which means they add depth because they make the Lighter strands of your Colour, brighter and Lighter than before. This means your Hair will look thicker. *high fives*

So if you’re Blonde isn’t cutting the mustard and you have champagne taste on a beer budget approach to your Colour because you’re lazy, or should we say low-maintenance, or you just want to plump up your dull, Natural Blonde - Lowlights give great return, for little investment.

Sounds like you all over? Follow the essentials below to get started.

Choosing your Lowlight Colour

Your Lowlight Colour should be no more than 2 shades darker than your Hair Colour - e.g. Hair Colour = 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde, choose 8.2 Light Beige Blonde for your Lowlights. We don’t want tiger stripes, we want a subtle contrast in your Colour.

Keep your Lowlight Colour in the same family as your Hair Colour - e.g. Golden and Golden, Ash and Ash etc. If you want a subtle Tone, use a Beige Colour, for a softer hue that will not create a full Cool Colour.

If you are trying to plump up your Natural Hair Colour, use Colours from our Naturals range. This application excites us the most - it turns Colouring snobs into born again's.

How to add them to your Colour

Keep your Lowlights small, around 1/4cm, to keep them Natural looking. Don’t stack them on top of each other.

Use them sparingly, no more than 20% of your Hair should be Lowlights.

Spread them through the underneath of your Hair, avoiding the top of your Hair.

At the top of the Lowlight, turn your Tint Brush on the side and paint your Colour in a lighter, feathered manner, to help your regrowth line stop being so harsh and flat. Or if you prefer to go free hand, dip your index finger and thumb in Colour and pull small pieces of Hair out, bringing the Colour through to the ends of your Hair.

And that’s it. A simple way to up your Colours ante, without an epic Colour transformation.

Want to show off your Lowlights? We want to see them! Send us a pic now.

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