True story: I hate when Hair looks Coloured

Talk about ironic.

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This might sound odd but I really don’t like it when you can tell someone has Coloured their Hair. I know, ironic right?

I do have exceptions.

Those Brunette’s who actually suit being a Platinum Blonde. I love the look of a good Platinum with a trickle of Dark regrowth - done the right way. Aka - Toned.
And well done Vibrant Colours that are obviously not Naturally occurring, but have been properly chosen so you don’t notice they couldn’t normally happen.

My issue lies with people who choose a Hair Colour that doesn’t suit them, causing a disconnect between their Hair and Skin Tone that makes their Hair look like it is sitting on top of their head like a badly placed wig. Then their eyebrow Colouring doesn’t match or even link to the Hair Colour, that immediately has me thinking “bad Colour job”.

I notice the main offenders are Light to Platinum Blonde Colourer's, those whose skin Tone can’t pull off Black (let’s be honest that’s not easy to do) and those who choose the wrong vibrant shade.

Choosing the right Hair Colour for you isn’t a hidden science known only by the pros. It’s about knowing your skin’s Undertones and what Colours work for it. It doesn't mean your Colour has to look Natural or you have to keep your choices conservative. Just choose a Colour that mesh’s with your skin and complexion. Take inspiration from these Colours.

Photo: Tumblr

Hair Colour: 5.56 Intense Plum Red

Photo: Tumblr

Hair Colour: 6 Dark Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

Hair Colour: 7.1 Ash Blonde

Photo: Tumblr

Hair Colour: 5.53 Chocolate Brown

Photo: Tumblr

Hair Colour: 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde

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