This Is Our Most Asked About Hair Colour Right Now

The Dark Ash Blonde, or the DAB as we affectionally call it, is our most requested Colour of-the-moment.

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Right now, at this very moment, there is a movement of people riding the same wavelength and craving a change in their Hair Colour, bombarding us with emails, Facebook messages and Instagram DM’s asking us to help with the same problem.

They want to be Blonde — a Dark Blonde to Light Brown precisely — that swaps Golden Tones for smokey hues and a Cool based Colour. A Colour with depth, that requires less work than their current hue and is kinder to their skin tone.

They tell us they're worn out and their Hair is tired from Lightening, instead, they’re craving a casual, complementary Colour that will bring the vibrancy back into their Hair and face.

Wonderfully, in our world of Colour opportunities, lies a shade that fits the brief —The Dark Ash Blonde. The DAB, as we affectionally call it, is our most requested Colour of-the-moment that blends the depth of 5 Light Brown with the coolness of 7.1 Ash Blonde to form a smoulderingly, dirty Blonde.

The mixture of these two Colour shades sandwiches together simple, sleek hues that eliminate Warmth and are as low maintenance as its effortless appearance. This Colour has smooth written all over it and the DAB’s icy Tones suits Cool Skin Tones, flattering the complexion and is assured to make light, bright eyes pop.

Colour mixture: 1/2 x 5 Light Brown and 1/2 x 7.1 Ash Blonde.
Mix with Developer of your choice.

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