These One Tube Wonders Will Give You A Thicker, Shinier Hair Colour

A Hair Colour with all the bells and whistles? Yes, that Hair Colour does exist.

There is one common misconception about Hair Colouring; to get your dream Colour is extremely difficult and if you did adventure to try creating this dream Colour yourself, you would fail miserably. I’m sure you can imagine how this makes us feel.

Correct, certain Products and processes like Bleach should be left to those who know what they’re doing, but there is a whole world outside of that. There are other ways to bring Light in or add Depth or fill your Hair with intensity. It’s about choosing a Hair Colour with all the bells and whistles — yes that Hair Colour does exist — we call them the One Tube Wonders.

One Tube Wonders are pure Hair Colour enhancers that have multiple Colour pigments that elevate your Hair Colour.

And what does that mean?

Each One Tube Wonder has the perfect balance of Colour hues that, once combined, use each other to contour your Hair Colour making your Colour looking bigger, shinier and more expansive.


Injected into each tube are dual Colour hues that once combined both reflect Light — making your Hair Colour look glossy — and absorb Light — to create shadows that make your Hair look thicker and fuller.

Ultimately, they optimise what you’ve already got going on and build off it, in one simple Colour process. So if you’re looking to update a dull, flat Hair Colour — these One Tube Wonders could be perfect for you.

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