These are the 6 biggest Hair Colours for Spring

Expect these Hair Colours to be huge this Spring.

Lighter mornings, brighter nights, itchy eyes, puppies, babies, kittens — yes, it’s Spring and we’re welcoming it back with open arms. Winter’s great and all, but we’re craving for the sun to kiss our skin again, to peel us out of our Winter suits and into our new Spring lives.

And so, it’s time to announce the Hair Colours we think are going to be HUGE this Spring AND keep scrolling to reveal our two new Spring Hair Colours, then meet us at the bottom in the comments to tell us what you think!

Honey Blonde

A good Spring Hair Colour should be saturated in energy and optimism and the Honey Blondes gentle Golden blend does just that. The sweet honeyed hues intense hydrating ingredients brighten your Hair with airy Blonde hues, beaming with Gold that plump up your Hair and Skin Tone.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones

Salted Caramel

Post Winter Hair blues are real and Salted Caramel’s Chocolate Blonde base adds a super smooth glow to brighten tired Hair. The SC’s sumptuous Warm Tones engulf your Hair with a subtle glow that creates an ultra glossy Blonde.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones

5.53 Chocolate Brown

For that glowing Brunette, look no further. 5.53 brightens and energises your Hair with bouncy Bronzed Tones like you’ve been kissed on the head by the sun, without the sun damage. Meanwhile, 5.53’s conditioners inject conditioners into your Hair Colour for a supremely shiny Chocolate Brunette.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones

7 Medium Blonde

Spring is for buoyant shades that should be lightweight and breezy. 7 Medium Blonde’s naked Natural tones work in harmony with your Hair and Skin Tone to update a stale Hair Colour, loading it with lavish moisture rich olive oil hydrators for a breezy Blonde makeover.

Suits: Warm and Cool Skin Tones

And Introducing..

The Boss Blonde

Named affectionally after the leader of the My Hairdresser fam, because it is her favourite Colour combo she uses, the Boss Blonde’s bubbly champagne Blonde hues fill your Hair with rich, pearly flavours. Combined with the BB’s mixture of deep Golden pigments and smooth Natural Blonde Tones that are equally balanced to revitalise a lost Hair Colour and keep your Blonde bouncy.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones

The Milk Chocolate

Like a fresh scoop of creamy Chocolate gelato, the Milk Chocolates dewy Brunette blend plumps your Hair with glowing Bronzed Tones and breezy, Brunette hues that nourish your Hair with Warmth, while still keeping your Colour lightweight and airy. After Colouring, notice the instant flush of energy it adds to your complexion and Skin tone.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones

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