The secret to a dark, glossy Hair Colour

The secret to that shiny, polished Brunette you've been dreaming of is almost too easy.

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The secret to a dark, deliciously glossy Hair Colour is simple; choose single pigment Hair Colours. That means Natural Colours like 3 Dark Brown and 5 Light Brown because you are looking for a single, solid surface Colour, not a Colour to be broken up with reflects.


When we use Colours with added pigments and reflects (eg 5.53 Chocolate Brown) the reflects grab throughout your Hair and catch the light, creating dimension when the light moves through your Colour.

When we use a Natural or single pigment Colour, instead of spreading the reflects and breaking the Hair up like a 5.53 Chocolate Brown would, it builds a single solid polished Colour surface. This attracts more light to the Hair, creating a strong glossy and shiny Hair Colour which makes your Colour solid and full of rich tones.

Try these Colours.

Photo: Tumblr

3 Dark Brown

The classic Dark Brown that is so dark it’s nearly Black. 3 Dark Brown is solid and rich and beautifully glossy and an easy way to boost some character into a dull, Brunette.

Suits: Cool and Warm Undertones. We love it matched with olive skin.

Photo: Tumblr

5 Light Brown

5 Light Brown is a soft, true Brunette that isn’t as light as its name may describe. It’s beautifully balanced and Toned and a perfect Colour choice when 3 Dark Brown is too dark.

Suits: Cool and Warm Undertones.

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