The home product hacks every home Colourer should know

There cheap, usable for things other than Hair Colouring and will soon become your essentials.

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Take a look around your kitchen and bathroom and you will find a treasure trove of products that can take your Colour from good to great. Consider these humble products a best kept secret. They are cheap, usable for things other than Hair Colouring and will soon become your essentials. Here are our 4 favourites.


This modest Product will make your Colouring so much cleaner and help bring the stress levels down. Apply it around your Hairline, ears or anywhere you get splats of Colour to save you from Colour staining.

Cling Wrap

Cling wrap is an absolute must must must to use when Colour Removing. By wrapping the Hair in cling wrap it encourages the process along. We also like to use it when doing a strand test or if we are Colouring sections, to stop the Colour bleeding into unwanted areas.

Aluminium Foil

Al foil, possibly our favourite of them all. If you're doing Highlights or Lowlights it's an essential. Use rectangle pieces to paint the Colour on the Hair and then fold it over to prevent bleeding and process the Colour. It also generates heat that helps the Hair lighten and keeps the Colour or bleach from staining unwanted areas.

Coconut Oil

Use coconut oil like vaseline to protect your face from Colour staining. Or as a treatment when your Hair is feeling a little worse for wear. You can also apply it to your Hair before you Colour, to weaken the Colour process for a less drastic Colour result.

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