The Hair Colour of 2018 is..

Is 2018 the year of the break out hue?

And the Hair Colour of 2-0-1-8 is…

Simple, Hair Colours.

So we’re saying see-ya-later to:
Complex, multi step Colour transformations.
Heavy Highlights, streaks and foils.
Colours that drain the complexion.

And HELLO to:
Minimal effort, one step Colouring.
Low maintenance Colouring.
Mixing Colours.
Reflects and Pigments.
Natural Colour Tones.

And what's to love the most about the Simple Hair Colour is that it can be any Colour shade as long as it fits the brief. There are no Skin Tones or Hair Colours left out. It can be as Dark or as Light as you want, with strong Pigments or Natural Tones, it doesn’t matter the Colour - it must just be one straightforward process like the Colours below.

Photo: Tumblr

The Ebony Brown

Colour: 1/2 x 1.10 Blue Black + 1/2 x 3 Dark Brown
Sensationally Dark, indulgent and glossy - the Ebony brown is a bold, brunette Colour statement that is as easy can be. If you like your Brunette practically Black, this is your Colour.
Suits: Cool Skin Tones.

Photo: Tumblr


Colour: 10.2 Very Light Blonde or try the Beige Range
Beige is finally having its moment in the spotlight as another alternative to a Cool shade that isn’t Ash or Silver. Beige is a creamy hue that is milky soft and more versatile than other Cooler Colour Tones. It’s an easy Colour to use and we like it whole or squeezed in with a Natural shade to bring that smoothness into your Hair Colour. Beige is best served Blonde.
Suits: Cool Skin Tones.

Photo: Getty Images

The Nude Hair Colour

Colour: 6 Dark Blonde or try the Naturals Range
Following the strong Natural Colour trend of ’17, we’ve designed the nude Hair Colours with the same Colour statement in mind. Nudes are clean, sleek Colour shades ranging from Brunettes up to Very Light Blondes that are a fluid, single shaded Natural Colour. Naked Hair Colours have no added pigments or reflects, there life's focus is to swap a dreary, drained Colour and upgrade it to a slick, sparkling Hair Colour. We recommend keeping to a shade that isn’t far from your Regrowth Colour.
Suits: All Skin Tones.

Photo: Tumblr

The Butter Blonde

Colour: 1/2 x 8.2 Light Beige Blonde + 1/2 x 9 Very Light Blonde
The Butter Blonde is like a croissant; delicious, creamy and rich in flavour. It has the perfect balance of Beige and Light Blonde Natural Tones that illuminate and elevate your Hair Colour.
Suits: Cool Skin Tones.

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