The easiest vibrant Colour for Spring / Summer is..

Low maintenance and as vibrant as possible, minus the heavy Winter hues. Who said Spring / Summer Hair couldn't be vibrant?

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Now we have moved into Spring it’s tweaking time in our office. If you follow us on Instagram, you’d have seen our early morning Colour Removing sessions and us painting Highlights while sitting at our desks. The thing is, typically once Spring hits, we swap out higher maintenance, vibrant Colours for Blondes or Natural shades that are easier to sustain with the extra time spent in the sun and water.

But a recent conversation with team My Hairdresser had us discussing our yearly transition and if there was a vibrant Colour that was best for the Spring / Summer season.

We concluded it had to meet these basic requirements: be as low maintenance as possible with as much vibrancy as possible, with a lightness that is void of heavy Winter hues.

We agreed that a Light Blonde base was the perfect level of Lightness and that Reds, Chocolate and Violets were far too heavy for the season. Plus most of them would fall into the high maintenance category in order to retain the Colour’s potency.

So the choice became pretty clear, it must be a Copper - their bright and light, with enough vibrancy and intensity to withstand the demands of the S/S weather. So it will come as no surprise that of all the energetic, intense Colour’s in our Range - 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde is the best vibrant Colour for S/S.

8.44 ticks all the boxes. It’s bright and reflects the light, making it an easy choice for S/S. Its double Copper pigment means you get serious intensity, but its lack of Red or Brunette Tones keeps it weightless and airy. It’s Golden Bronzed hues keep it warm and polished, adding energy to a tired Colour.

See this is the problem. We make such a compelling case to ourselves, our S/S routine is under threat.

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