The Best of My Hairdresser 2018 — The most popular reads from the year

The articles that really took your fancy this year.

Oh can you feel that? That relief? The weight off your shoulders now Christmas is over. Sure it might be sad that it’s done for another year, but now it gives us the opportunity to have some self indulgent “me time” before we head back to work in the new year. So if you want to stop for a moment, keep reading to see the most read stories on My Hairdresser Online and Pinterest of 2018.

#5 Bleach Vs Highlift Blondes

When you can achieve a Light Blonde without using Bleach and have no need for a Toner post Lightening, it’s bound to be a winning read. Read More »

#4 How To Copy Taylor Swifts Cool Crystal Blonde

We’re massive fans of Swifty, it appears you are too, and with the excitement of her Reputation Stadium Tour, we copied her low key, smokey Blonde. Read More »

#3 Hair 101: What is an Ash Hair Colour?

Our #1 selling hue is also the most inquired about, so it seemed only natural to put all Ash’s features and benefits in one place. Read More »

#2 It’s official: These are the Top 5 Biggest Selling Hair Colours of the Year

Because our obsession with Hair Colour continues. Did your favourite or the Colour you’re wearing make the cut? Read More »

#1 How To Stop Colouring And Start Embracing Your Greys

You won’t believe how many times we’re asked this question daily, so for those of you who are looking at ending your relationship with Hair Colour and welcoming your Grey’s, this is how to transition smoothly. Read More »

And the most popular on Pinterest:

#5 Colouring your Hair at that age: Are there age defying Hair Colours?

Turns out your Hair Colour can add or subtract years off you. Read More »

#4 How To Copy Taylor Swifts Cool Crystal Blonde

Because her Hair is major goals. Read More »

#3 My Hairdresser Team Members reveal the Hair Colours they’re currently wearing

And the best piece of insider knowledge they have learnt that they want you to know. Read More »

#2 10 Things You Should Know Before Colour Removing

Because you can’t seem to get enough of the miracle Product. Read More »

#1 The 7 Most Common Hair Mistakes We’re Asked And How To Solve Them

We asked our Colour Consultant Team about the biggest Hair mistakes they’re asked about and they gave us their advice on how to fix them. Read More »

That was fun, we could easily keep going but we need to stop somewhere. What was your favourite of the year? Tell us below.
Otherwise, we wanted to say thank you for all your support and we’ll see you in 2019!

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