The Autumn Edit: The 10 Hair Colour Must-Haves to Revitalise Worn-Out Summer Hair

The essential, must-haves, all-important Products to replenish and revitalise your Hair.

Sometimes we get too comfortable in our same old routine, so when a new season comes in — especially one like Autumn that demands a wardrobe shakeup — it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your Hair Colour.

Post Summer Hair, drained from the sun and salt, is often in need of an overhaul and Autumn is the perfect season to do it. So if your Hair is feeling flat and calling for a freshen up, try these Hair saviours, brightening Shades and punchy pigments to lift your Hair out of its slumber and replenish it with a fresh burst of Colour.

Chocolate Blonde

This luxe Shades rich, light-reflective pigments flush the Hair with bountiful bronzed hues that deliver on the drama and shine. This cult favourite Hair Colour is loaded with its signature volumising Golden Mahogany Tones that ooze glowing Warmth for the ultimate dull Hair saviour.

20 Volume Developer

When it comes to our Developer must-have, 20 Volume Developer is our #1 best selling, go to. It’s the Developer to choose when you're Colouring a Shade close to your Natural, has enormous Grey coverage abilities and is gentler on the Hair.

Strawberry Blonde

The Strawberry Blonde is the Auburns lighter, brighter sister. Featuring as enthusiastic, juicy Warm pigments, the Strawberry Blonde is bolder and Blonder with a glowy Golden blend and strong, intoxicating Copper undertones. Get the best results by applying it over Light Blonde Hair (Natural or pre-lightened).

Golden Blonde

An absolute Autumn staple, Golden Blonde brings the sun-kissed without the sun damage. This Warming Blondes glowing Golden hues are a wonder for both the Hair and complexion, as they catch the Light with every movement for a brighter, glossier Natural-looking honeyed Blonde.

Tint Bowl, Brush and Clip Set

We’re a sucker for anything that will make any process quicker or easier. Mix and combine your mixture in the Tint Bowl, while using the Brush to effortlessly move and apply your mixture through your Hair. Keep the Clips on hand to hold up sections of Hair before, during and after Colouring. And when you’re finished, wash them all up and use again next time.

Intense Copper Blonde

This cult Copper is intoxicatingly bright and intensely vibrant, adding a caffeinated hit of energy through your Hair and skin tone. However, 8.44 has an edge over other Coppers, it has an extra Golden pigment that adds a subtle glow to give you a super smooth, shimmering Hair Colour.

Boss Blonde

Legend has it the Boss Blonde Hair Colour was created after our founder wanted a Hair Colour that had the same rich, effervescence of her favourite Champagne. We then went on to add Hair-enhancing pearly Blonde hues that give Hair that healthy shine and a hint of boosting Warmth for a soft-focus finish.

Rich Copper Red

If bold is the aim of the game, turn to the Rich Copper Red to deliver the message. This Copper and Red pigment combination not only amplifies shine, but it also charges up the volume with light rebounding hues for an intoxicatingly illuminating Hair Colour.

30 Volume Developer

30 Vol awakens the vibrancy in intense Hair Colour Shades, giving your Hair that hit of Colour saturation it really needs. Though that's not all, 30 Vol has considerable lightening powers lifting your Hair 3 Shades lighter.

Colour Remover, Applicator Bottle Pack

If you’re unfamiliar with Colour Remover it’s time to re-evaluate your Colour arsenal. Colour Remover’s powers are truly transformative, cleaning out old Colour in 20 minutes without stripping your Hair because it’s bleach-free. And once you’ve properly cleaned out that heavy Build Up, your new Autumn Hair Colour will be crisper, fresher with a real boost of shine.

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