The Best Selling Hair Colours, Most Read Articles And More Of 2022

We've collected all the articles you've loved reading, the best selling Hair Colours and Products of the year and so much more.

It has been a year full of fresh starts and getting back to life after 2 years a stray. This year we welcomed so many new faces into the My Hairdresser fam (hopefully yours!) and we fell in love with your new shades and amazed us with how quickly you all become home Colouring pro's. Years may go by but one thing remains the same, nothing makes us happier than when you get that feeling of how good it is do your own Hair and how good you look after doing it.

It's probably the end of year that's making us sentimental, so let me clear that lump in my throat as if I know you all personally (which sometimes it feels like we do). For our final post for 2022, we wanted to give you a wrap up of the year and do a run down of what you loved reading, the Hair Colours you're vibing and some of the breakout stars of the year. Before we begin, we all wanted to say Thank You again for choosing My Hairdresser and becoming such a valuable part of our Colouring community. Oh here I go with the emotions again, but we're a small business and your support is so cherished. Ok, enough of me, here's what you loved this year.

Most Popular Hair Colour Shades

Our top 10 Hair Colour Shades are a beautiful blend of Light, Dark, Intense and subdued Tones. Is your favourite featured?


My Hairdresser
Dark Copper Blonde


My Hairdresser
Golden Brown


My Hairdresser
Light Beige Blonde


My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde


My Hairdresser
Dark Brown


My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde


My Hairdresser
Light Brown


My Hairdresser
Very Light Beige Blonde


My Hairdresser
Light Ash Blonde


My Hairdresser
Intense Copper Blonde

Best New Break Out Colour Cocktail

Each year we will share a handful of Colour Cocktails inspired by you and the world around us. This Colour Cocktail did not take long to become a fast favourite.
Best New Break Out Colour Cocktail: Mushroom Blonde

My Hairdresser

Most Loved Support Products

The old faithfuls always pull through year on year.


My Hairdresser
Light Ash
Toner Kit


My Hairdresser
20 Volume


My Hairdresser

Most Loved Accessories

I'm happy to know that setting up your home salon is as important to you as it is to me.


My Hairdresser


My Hairdresser


My Hairdresser
Tint Bowl
and Brush Set

Most Loved Blog Articles from Hairverything

We love content, have you noticed? I know we're obsessed with Hair Colour and love its magic, but what we love more is being able to share with you and seeing what you create yourself. We use HAIRVERYTHING as a direct feed to share our Hot Tips, How To's and Hair Colour inspirations that you can copy. These were the articles you loved most.

Hair 101: How To Colour Your Hair Darker
Coppers Are Having A Moment, Here's How To Find Your Shade
Are You Ready To Join The Cool Girl Hair Colour Club?
Hair 101: How To Reverse Your Balayage
How To Make Your Salon Colour Last Longer

Major Milestone

The major milestone of 2022 was the introduction of our new look, new feel 100% recyclable paper boxes that we sourced from another Australian business. We aim to work with as many Australian businesses as possible and can proudly state our all our Developers and Colour Remover are manufactured and filled in Australia.

Most Exciting New Product

When we add new items to the My Hairdresser Range we're always interested in hearing what you have to say about them. It seems you love our Product Crates, Tube Squeezers, Claw Clips, Colouring accessories and Scrunchies as much as we do.

Favourite Instagram Posts

So you're fans of the How To reels too. Don't believe me? Here are your top 4 most liked videos of the year. Don't follow us on the 'gram yet? You'll find fun reels like these and more. Follow us now!

Most Loved Customer Content

Now I'm not going to get chocked up again, but just like proud parents, we love bragging about you. These two videos prove how amazing you are. Want to be featured? Share your pictures on Instagram or send them via email

Most Loved on Pinterest

Don't follow us on Pinterest? Oh you should, with over 3 million monthly views, it's our playground of spreading inspiration and advice on how to reach your Hair Colour goals. In 2022 you couldn't get enough of Brunette, Dark Blonde and Coppers on Pinterest and your desire to know more about How To achieve your Colour results seems insatiable. What will are our predictions for Pinterest 2023 be? Follow us to find out first.

Our Predictions for 2023

We've got some big news — we are adding a new Colour Shade to the My Hairdresser range. No, it's not a Colour Cocktail, it's a brand new shade we've dreamt about adding to the range for a long time now. We've been testing it throughout the year and are in love with the results. Right now the only update I can give you is it is currently being created in Italy, but when it's in our hands you'll be the first to know. (Just incase you aren't already, you can subscribe here)

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