The Rose Brown is the Brunette hue of the moment

The Rose Brunette is the seasons hottest hue.

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We fell pretty hard for the Rose Gold who’s soft pinkish tones opened up a whole new world for us Copper loving, not necessarily Copper suiting folk. So it seemed like a natural transition to start infusing our Brunette shades with those same Rose hues to pass on the fun.

This time we’ve added more indulgence and intensity to the Colour to match the depth of the Brunette that we're adding the Rose hues to. And in case you were wondering, we created 3 Rose Brown variations to apply over Natural Brunette’s to give the look and finish of a glossy Brunette that has been injected with shiny Rose tones.

Rose Copper Brown

Mixture: 1/2 x 5 Light Brown + 1/2 x 5.64 Dark Red Copper

The addition of 5.64 Dark Red Copper delivers pops of rusty Rose hues, filling the Hair with a superb mix of depth and striking tones that create a full, glowing Colour shade.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones.

Violet Rose Brown

Mixture: 1/2 x 5 Light Brown + 1/2 x 6.22 Intense Violet

The VRB’s Violet tones have been soothed into a full, meaty Rose Brown designed for a deep, sleek Hair Colour.

Suits: Cool Skin Tones.

Rose Gold Brunette

Mixture: 1/2 x 5.3 Golden Brunette + 1/2 x 7.20 Cool Violet

The RGB has the perfect balance of Golden and Violet Tones that blend and balance into a pinky, Rose shade with a hint more Warmth than you would expect from a Rose Hair Colour.

Suits: Warm and Cool Skin Tones.

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