Our 5 favourite Colour Mixers

Hair Colour mixers: the ultimate collaboration of 2 Colours mixed together to get the best of each Hair Colours lightness/darkness, reflects and hues.

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Aside from Grey Goose with soda, no other mixer gets us as excited as a Colour one. What is a Colour mixer you ask? It is the ultimate collaboration of 2 Colours mixed together to get the best of each Colours lightness/darkness, reflects and hues. It's very rare for us to do a Colour these days without a mixer. There fun and get you feeling creative. But really, we like the fact that we have our own custom Colour with its own personality. Sound appealing? Get inspired with our top 5 squeezes.

Photo: Tumblr

9 Very Light Blonde x 7.3 Golden Blonde

The Golden Light Blonde
An absolute favourite mixer, this one is a goodie when 9 is too Light, 8 is not warm enough and 7.3 is too dark and you want to be somewhere in the middle. Hello Light Golden Blonde, a mixer that couldn't be closer to a Natural Golden Blonde if we tried. This mixture is perfect to use on stubborn, grey or pre Lightened Hair, that you want to add some depth too.

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8 Light Blonde x 7.1 Ash Blonde

The Cool, Medium Light Blonde
Oh, we have found perfection in this one all because 9.1 was hitting it too light. Obviously, it's about the Ash, but a subdued Ash hue that is not too Light. We don’t always want a full Ash Colour and like this, because it has more of a Blonde glow than the usual Ash Colour would allow. Oh and the genius is, it’s also a Toner for any brassiness.

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6 Dark Blonde x 7.53 Chocolate Blonde

The Dark and Warm Natural Blonde
There is no 6.53 and if we did have one, it wouldn’t be this good. This is Colour balance at its finest. It's a Chocolate Blonde, without too much warmth or a Natural hue with a little added Chocolate, whichever way you want to look at it. This is depth, reflect and Natural hue’s combining for their finest.

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5 Light Brown x 6.4 Copper Blonde

The Light Copper Brown
This one is perfect for those who can’t commit to a straight Copper statement. So when you mix a 6.4 Copper Blonde with an awesome Natural base Colour like 5 Light Brown, it gives you a Colour that still packs a punch but is also heading into the Chestnut Brown category for the more conservative Colourer.

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5 Light Brown x 4.56 Deep Plum Red

The Rich, Plum Brunette
Our goal was to create a Colour that has a Dark Natural base with rich reflects, rather than a Colour with huge intensity, like a Dark Red. 5 Light Brown was the rational choice for the Natural hue and it came down to 4.56 Deep Plum Red for the Mahogany Plum reflects, that diluted into a rare, Mahogany shade that fulfilled all our Colour goals.

Now you know our secrets, we want to know what’s your favourite Colour mixer?

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