Our favourite Products: Autumn Edition

What's getting us excited for Autumn.

This is an invitation to our favourites list, a quarterly feature where we share our most desired Products of the season. These are our favourites we’ve discussed, debated and reviewed between team My Hairdresser that gets us excited and wanting to see more of this season.

Light Brown

One should never forget or underestimate the magic of a simple Brunette. Light Browns classic, neutral Tones are unpretentious and dewy, while it’s Colour formulation is full of hydrators that get in and really moisturise the Hair. The result? A bouncy, silky and shiny Brunette.

Honey Blonde

Oh sweet Honey Blonde, one of the prettiest Blonde Shades because of its subtle, Golden shimmers that brighten the Hair with a hint of Warmth. But it’s the glowing Golden hues that make the Honey Blonde a favourite, keeping the Summery sparkle shining, even during the coldest Autumn months.

Dark Copper Blonde

What’s more Autumn than a punchy Copper Hair Colour harmonising with the Colours of the crunching leaves under your feet? Vibrant Hair Colours are fun and they’re even more fun when you don’t have the Summer elements striping them of their vivacity, meaning Autumn is the perfect season for a Dark Copper Blonde and it’s bright burnished Tones.


Not to be underestimated, Sectioning Clips are the clear line between a clean, detailed Colour/Colour Remover application and a face and neck covered in Product and patches of Hair that missed out. You’ll find us casually using them to hold our Hair throughout the day, clipped to the shelves in our shower to process a Hair treatment or on hand when blowdrying and styling.

Rose Gold

When you’re feeling the Autumn x Copper collaboration, but you’re not looking for a full blooded Copper, Rose Gold’s muted Golden Pink hues are a wonder. Blended over a Light Blonde, Rose Gold’s soft Tones are the perfect transition from a sunny Summer shade into a zesty Autumn one.

No Lift Developer

Choosing to go Dark is a common thread throughout the cooler months and No Lift does the job like no other. Mixed with a Darker Hair Colour, No Lift will transform your Colour into a deeper, shinier Shade.

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