Now that Summer is Over, Let the Hair Overhaul begin

Goodbye split ends and sunburnt Hair, hello silky smooth Hair.

Summer is O-V-A-H and with its departure a trail of the excuses we’ve been pushing back until “after Summer” that we finally have to face. So now that we have to be accountable for those times we proclaimed “Yeah, but I’ll worry about that after Summer” we’re having a shower, giving our Hair a good shampoo and taking the time to observe our Hair in all it’s raw, untamed glory to see where it needs love most.

Looking up is that mop looking somewhere between worn out and brassy, and you’re unsure how to manage it since the sun has Lightened it from the Colour you once were. To get back to where you were, use your usual Colour and Developer mix along with the Colour Top Up Technique to touch up your Regrowth and revive your vibrancy that was drained over the Summer. Doing it this way will give you back your Colour, without creating Banding or Build Up.

When the sun has tarnished your Blonde or Brunette leaving it with a Warm rusty hue, seize control by Toning it down with an Ash Hair Colour and No Lift Developer mix that will Cool your situation right down and keep your Warmth in check.
Tip: You can Tone Blonde and Brunette Hair, so if Ash isn’t your hue or you crave more depth through your Hair, swap your Cool Colour Shade to suit your needs.

And when that Autumn breeze brings new feels for your Hair and you know it’s time to clean out your old, faded Colour now is the perfect time to shed that bland Brunette before switching to the next.

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