Meet your new regrowth touch up routine

Meet your new Regrowth routine, the one that we stick to, swear by and recommend to anyone who’s listening.

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On the topic of Regrowth there is one fact that is true: Regrowth is crucial to having and maintaining an incredible Colour. It’s no surprise to us that this same topic can cause a little anxiety when we discuss it with our fellow My Hairdresser lovers. Alas! Meet your new Regrowth routine, the one that we stick to, swear by and recommend to anyone who’s listening.

This first point is simple but important. Go into your Colour knowing your Colour and Developer mixture, presuming that you have found your perfect combination. Stick with it and stock up. Keep it consistent.

Colour your Hair a day or so after washing, so your Natural oils protect your scalp. If you have frizzy or curly Hair, give it a straighten or blow dry, it will make it so much easier and quicker to Colour. Plus a good comb through so you’re not battling any knots.

This is not a Product flog, but seriously get your tools in order. Comb and divide your Hair into sections. Why? Because it makes Colour application and coverage so much easier. Clip away the sections you have Coloured and the ones still remaining to do. Use a Tint Brush for a clean and precise application.

Once you’re in the Colouring process, assert some control and respect the Colour lines. Colouring Natural Regrowth is a yes, Colouring already Coloured Hair is a no. Don’t overlap your new Colour onto your old one. This is how we get Colour banding.

Let me guess, your next question is: well I need to make sure the rest of my Colour matches the vibrancy of my roots. So I’m doomed to a life of patchy, dull Hair? We’ll give you our hand to help you down off your soap box and calmly tell you the Colour Top Up Technique is your answer. Do it during the last 10 minutes of your processing time to top up your Colour while also avoiding banding. Happy days!

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