It's time to Spring Clean your Colouring cupboard

Because when your Range is reusable and resealable, the little hoarder inside you doesn't know what to keep or throw.

It’s too easy to accumulate a collection of tubes and bottles. Especially when the little hoarder inside you always thinks the last 5 drops that rattle when you shake the bottle is worth keeping.

But when you have a Range that is both resealable and reusable, what is really worth keeping and is there anything you can do to extend your Products lifetime?

The biggest threat to a Products longevity is air.

When air gets to Colour, Developer or Colour Remover it will oxidise. This means the Products will start to spoil or lose strength. So once you break the seal of Colour or take the lid off your Developer or Colour Remover, reseal it as soon as possible for long term use.

Our next word of advice is to keep your Products out of direct sunlight and away from heat to preserve them.

Still, there is only so much resealing and reusing you can do before you need to let go. Not sure what you need to get rid of? Here’s what to look out for:

Empty Colour tubes, throw them. If you have some tubes with a bit of Product left in some, open the lid and squeeze. Does the Colour come out with a black crusty top? Yes? Bin it. If it comes out itself, keep it and reseal.

Developer or Colour Remover bottles that don’t have properly sealed lids. 9 times out 10, the Product has oxidised making it weak and useless. If you’re holding onto a Developer or Colour Remover with a little bit of Product at the bottom from ages ago, cut your losses and throw it out. It’s time to start again.
Tip: Sharpie the dates you used your bottles. This can give you a better idea if its time to throw it.

Tint Brushes that have been over worked that are missing a lot of bristles, which defeat the purpose of using them. Bin. Cracked Tint Bowls can head in the same direction.

Applicator Bottles need a good wash after use. Don’t think you can leave the Product mixture in them for next time because they are resealable, that isn't possible.

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