It’s official: These are the 5 Best Selling Hair Colours of the year

Can you guess which shades reign supreme?

Our obsession with Hair Colours is insatiable and each year we’re inundated with new Colour trends that promise the best Colour of our lives. But when it comes to the super sellers, the most loved of our Colour range, you might be surprised to see how these trends affect the top 5 and which Colours below are our crowning glory.

6 Dark Blonde

When it comes to Dark Blonde, 6’s popularity lies in its effortless, naked Natural Blonde Tones. The organic hues suck in as much light as it can possibly absorb, making 6 Dark Blonde a seriously glossy, nonchalant Blonde.

You’ll love 6 Dark Blonde: For the easy to achieve, laid back satiny Natural Dark Blonde hues.
Suits: Cool and Warm Skin Tones.


908 Extra Light Silver Blonde

The 908 Extra Light Silver Blonde obsession is two fold: it’s a Platinum Blonde Shade and it’s a Platinum Blonde Shade with inbuilt Silver Toners. Not only does 908 make Lightening a breeze, but the Silver pigments are designed to infuse your Hair with crispy Cool Tones to keep your Blonde free from Warmth that you would typically expect when Lightening to a Platinum Shade.

You’ll love 908 Extra Light Silver Blonde: For its understated, Silver Platinum Blonde with a matte finish.
Suits: Cool Skin Tones.


5 Light Brown

5 Light Brown is the ultimate Brunette upgrade because it transforms your Colour into the richest, shiniest Brunette full of neutral Natural Tones that looks like it’s you’re own bodies creation. This is Colouring at its easiest and finest.

You’ll love 5 Light Brown: For a moisture rich, dewy Brunette.
Suits: Cool and Warm Skin Tones.


7.1 Ash Blonde

Ash reigns supreme thanks to its dual action powers. 7.1 has a grunginess not found in another Hair Colour, that transforms a bland mousy Blonde into a super sleek smokey one. You can also use 7.1 with No Lift Developer as an alternative Toner to 9.1 to subdue Warmth through your Hair.

You’ll love 7.1 Ash Blonde: For a smouldering, Medium Blonde with Cool, smokey hues.
Suits: Cool Skin Tones.


9.1 Light Ash Blonde

It’s unsure if 9.1 has ever not been on the best selling list and it’s probably because of 9.1’s 2-for-1 multi tasking abilities. 9.1’s Ash powers can Lighten and tame even the most brassy hues into a polished, satin Blonde or mix with No Lift Developer to create for the coolest, high coverage toner that needs to be applied far less regularly than a purple shampoo.

You’ll love 9.1 Light Ash Blonde: For its pearlescent Light Blonde hues.
Suits: Cool Skin Tones.


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