How To: The Express Root Touchup

It’s as easy as 1-2-squeeze.

Time poor. Two words we use to excuse or explain to ourselves and others why we haven’t yet gotten around to something. When life blurs into a collection of days when you promised yourself that you would do your Hair on Friday, then you realise that was actually 2 weeks ago.

We get it.

So we created the Express Root Touchup. A method you can use to apply Colour to your Regrowth for a quicker application or if you don’t like using a Tint Bowl and Brush. It’s as easy as 1-2-squeeze.

What you need

Hair Colour
Applicator Bottle
Sectioning Clips

Pre Colour set up

Dry, brushed and Product free Hair.
Using your Sectioning Clips, divide your Hair into 4 sections for easy application.

Step 1

Squeeze your Colour and Developer into your Applicator Bottle.

Follow these mixing ratios.

Regular Colours
1 part Hair Colour with 1.5 parts Developer.

eg. 100ml Hair Colour with 150ml Developer.

High Lift Colours

eg. 100ml Hair Colour with 200ml Developer.
1 part Hair Colour with 2 parts Developer. 

If you have extra thick Hair, double the mixing amount. 

Place the lid on your Applicator Bottle and shake well until the Colour and Developer have combined and formed a smooth consistency.

Step 2

Doing one section at a time, create a horizontal row in the lower sections or vertical rows in the top sections, to apply your Colour.

Pulling your row of Hair tight, squeeze a line of your Colour mixture on your Regrowth line from one end of your row to the other.

Step 3

Using your fingers, smooth the Colour mixture to cover your Regrowth line like you would with a Tint Brush.

Repeat until finished.

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