How to Prevent a Hair Colour Disaster

How to prevent them so you don't need to fix them.

If you haven’t experienced it you would have seen it on screen: girl determinedly wants to Colour her Hair, flash to her purposely walking into a store, grabs the box off the shelf, goes home, applies Product (always with a towel over the shoulders, tucked into the collar of her t-shirt, have you noticed?) washes Product out, looks in the mirror — cue screams.

And so is the cycle of a Colour disaster — impulsive, dramatic, climactic.

We have a saying in our office that goes something like — “your Hair will tell us everything” — and we literally mean everything. This is why your Hair history is the most important factor you need to consider when Colouring. Why? You know that Brunette Shade you threw over your Hair 6 months ago, that’s the reason your ends didn’t Lighten to the Blonde Shade like your fresh Regrowth did because, important tip, you can’t Lighten already Coloured Hair. So yes, those bleached Highlights and that henna you tried after reading that article will affect your future Hair Colour.

Want to know the express lane to disaster-ville? Rash decision making. You know what else? The good ole chop and change. If you think that Black Hair Colour you’ve been Colouring with for the last 5 years will be shifted overnight, think again. If you think it’s a great idea being Ash Blonde one month then Golden Blonde the next expect a patchwork quilt of a Colour. Picking up whatever Red Colour to cover your roots is never a good idea unless you, by the grace of all the gods, miraculously pick out the exact Red you’re already rocking.

But what happens when you are craving something new? Be realistic. If you want to Lighten your Hair more than 4 Shades you’ll need Bleach. Bleach is a serious Product and we only recommend it for those who really know what they’re talking about. If you’re struggling with your Colour choice narrow your options down to one that matches your Skin Tone by remembering this rule:
Warm Skin Tones suit Warm Shades (Golds, Coppers, Bronzed, Chocolates).
Cool Skin Tones suit Cool Shades (Ash, Silver, Beige, Violet).

And also, while we’re on the subject of change, when you’re Light Blonde tells you she’s ready to become a bronzed Chestnut Brunette of sorts, it’s pretty likely you’ll need a Colour filler to prevent your Hair from getting a greenish tinge. Yes, it’s another step but you’ll regret it immediately if you don’t make that extra effort.

Now onto your daily Hair routine. Be conscious of what you are using on your Hair. Clarifying shampoos will immediately strip your Colour of vibrancy and cause it to get brassy, whereas Colour lock shampoos and conditioners will block Colour Remover from successfully working. If you do use any Colour lock Products, ensure it's for your Colour Shade type. Oh, and don’t be tempted by whoever tells you — no treatment will put split ends back together that’s only something a Hair cut can fix.

In conclusion, the key to a great Hair Colour comes down to your choices — be realistic, be consistent and only settle for the best Italian made Hair Colour.

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