How To Make (Home) Hair Colouring Easier

Hello new Colour regime.

While the year still has that fresh feeling the drive to keep living our best Hair life is still running high and as we resettle into our old habits and programming it’s time to think how we’re going to continue the commitment.

We’re believers in taking care of the basics and the rest will follow, so by embracing these tweaks to your Colouring regime you’ll hopefully find your new Hair Colouring technique much, much easier.

Start with Greasy Hair

This may take you by surprise but we recommend that you keep your Hair greasy when you are about to Colour. Your Natural oils will protect your scalp as well as absorb your Hair Colour mixture better than “slippery” freshly washed Hair.

Sections lead to perfection

We’re often asked for tips on how to get the best Colour coverage and our advice is simple, yet a game changer — section your Hair into 4. Sectioning breaks down the work load allowing you to get through your Hair easier, so you’re not overwhelmed with wads of Hair falling all over you and making it clearer to see where you’ve missed. Plus, it brings down your stress levels dramatically.

And some extra advice for the curly, frizzy Haired friends out there — blow dry or straighten your Hair before sectioning. It’s a breeze getting through your sections with smoothed Hair and less fly aways.

Apply, apply and apply again and you will meet your Colours end

Our natural instinct, when Colouring, is to Colour our full head with every Regrowth touch up, because we assume it will brighten our ends or match them to our fresh roots. Although in theory it seems to make sense, in practice if you do this every time you will be repping fresh Regrowth with a side of heavy, lacklustre ends weighed down in Colour Build Up. How lovely.

This is why we developed the Colour Top Up Technique, so you can Colour your Regrowth while updating the vibrancy through your ends without building it up with Colour and still keeping your Hair Colour fresh.

And when you have applied and applied again, you must then clean it out

If the above sounds like you and you’re face palming because you’re seeing where you went wrong, the Colour Build Up you’re experiencing can be cleaned out, without damage, using Colour Remover. Post Colour Removing you can begin Colouring using the Colour Top Up Technique to prevent it from occurring again.

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