How to fix a Colour mistake

Until undo becomes a real-life option, what can you do if you have a Colour disaster?

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If you’re in the market to start doing your Colour at home, a quick flick around your favourite beauty Blog might put you off it. Because all home Colour is rubbish if you ask any celebrity Hairdresser sponsored by your favourite shampoo/colour company and it will most definitely lead to a bad Colour or even worse, a disaster.

Here’s the thing. You can have a disaster at home. You can also have a disaster at a salon. If your choices verge on delusional, it's likely you are going to have a problem. If you don’t look at your Hair in the big picture, even tell a few white lies about what is in your Hair, you’re Hair will tell us. But the big problem comes in with the big transitions. When those with little experience make enormous decisions and then want to blame everyone else for their impending disaster.

So until undo becomes a real-life option, what can you do if you have a Colour disaster?

First - and most importantly - don’t panic.

Secondly, do not run out and buy a cheap box Colour to throw over your Hair. It is the worse thing you could do.

Which leads us to, no rash decisions.

Next step - Identify the problem.

Do you like the Colour but it's too dark? Apply Colour Remover to damp Hair to slowly lighten your Colour shade by shade. Don’t forget it fades the more you shampoo. For all you long term Colourer’s, it could also be a case of Colour Build Up that might need some TLC.

Is your Blonde too brassie (Orange/Yellow)? You just need to Tone using our Toner Kit or a Colour with an Ash or Beige reflect and a No Lift Developer.

Too much Warmth in your Brunette? Treat it like a Blonde and Tone. In the future, try and include a Colour with an Ash or Beige reflect to help with any Warmth.

You hate your Colour. That’s what Colour Remover is made for so you can start again. Until you get your hands on a Colour Remover keep up the shampooing to help budge the Colour. Keep in mind, we like to wait at least 48 hours before re Colouring after Colour Remover.

You have Colour Removed and are shocked at the Orange Hair you have left over. We have written a whole post about that here.

Our best advice to you, when your thinking about a new Colour or Colour Remover adventure, is to approach it honestly. Think about the Colour Product you have used on your Hair in the last 18 months. Can it affect your outcome? Let’s say your Hair is currently Coloured in a Brunette shade and you want to be Blonde. You need to Colour Remove all that Brunette out, before thinking about going Light. Be wise, read up on what you want and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Don’t forget you can give us a shout if you need any help through your next adventure.

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