How To Copy Meghan Markles' Glossy Brunette

We've fallen in love with her new breathe of fresh Brunette air.

Photo: Tumblr

The soon to be Princess, Meghan Markle has been gracing us with her presence at various royal engagements showcasing her brand of simple suave, sophisticated style.

And so we fell in love with the new breathe of fresh Brunette air that has come with her foray into the headlines. We’ve seen it casually tied up in a bun or parted down the middle with big soft curls nonchalantly resting on her shoulders and then sitting sleeked back for her more formal occasions.

Photo: Tumblr

Much as we can think celebrity Hair Colours are out of reach, Meghan Markles is the opposite. It’s built of simple, Natural Tones with no added reflects which is what makes her Hair look so glossy. And the Natural Colour Tone is what makes it so easy to replicate using one Colour: 3 Dark Brown.

Photo: Tumblr

3 Dark Brown will give you her same effortless rich Dark Brown Colour that will flood your Hair with glossy, sleek Tones. And because 3 Dark Brown is a Natural Colour, those Natural pigments don’t just boost your Hair Colour, they automatically brighten and refresh your skin's complexion.

3 Dark Brown is diverse and suits both Warm and Cool Skin Tones. Use it with a No Lift Developer if your Natural Hair Colour (Regrowth) is Lighter than 3 Dark Brown or a 20 Volume Developer if your Regrowth is Darker than 3 Dark Brown or you have more than 50% Grey Hair.

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