How to Colour your Hair at home

Now you want to take your Hair Colouring for real, where should you begin?

Has the penny dropped and you’re ready to take your home Hair Colouring to the next level? When you start taking your Colouring seriously, using quality Products and mixing and applying it like the pro’s, you will notice how much better your Hair Colour and coverage is.

Now you want to take Colouring for real, you may be wondering where you should begin?
Start at the beginning, learning the basics and then moving through to the more advanced stuff. Here are our recommendations.

Choose your Hair Colour

Your moment is here, choosing the Hair Colour of your dreams. Are you wondering if the Colour will suit you?
Read: How to choose the right Hair Colour for your skin Tone.

Want to learn more about your Colours undertones?
Read: Getting To Know Your Colours Undertones

Once you know your Hair Colour, its time to move onto your Developer choice.

How to choose your Developer

Your Developer is the most vital part of Colouring and being able to choose your own Developer, is what sets us apart from the basic box Colour. Don’t choose your Developer on a whim, read our masterclass to know which Developer is best for you.
Read: Hair 101: Developer Masterclass

Or for a step by step approach to choosing the right Developer.
Read: How to choose your Colour and Developer

Feel Supported

You don’t need to go on the journey alone, we have a variety of support pages to get you started.

Visit: My Hairdresser Support

Learn More

Once you have gotten your head around the Colouring basics it’s time to broaden your horizons and start learning the lingo. Generally, we try and stay away from as many hairdress-ey terms as possible, but the ones we actually use, they are the ones worth knowing.

5 Hair Colours to Learn now
Hair Vocabulary

Going Pro

Now you know the lingo and How To choose your Products, step it up a notch with our more advanced Support Pages.

How to create your own Hair Colour
How to Tone like a pro
Hair 101: A foolproof guide to Highlighting

Follow the rules

These are the rules we abide by.
Read: 7 Colouring Rules we swear by

But if we get ourselves in a sticky situation or have made a few mistakes along the way, we’ll follow these rules.

How to fix a Colour mistake
8 common Colour complaints and How To fix them

What do you think? Feeling more confident and ready to go? Or do you still have a few questions? Send an email to our Colour Consultants for guidance with the My Hairdresser range.

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