Hair 101: How to care for your Blonde

Going Blonde can be tough. But it's not all sad faces and sighs and keeping your Blonde in shape isn’t as hard as you might think. Here's what you need to do.

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Of all the missions one can take on in the Hair Colouring world, going Blonde can be up there with the toughest. It's labour intensive, high maintenance and needs constant attention (oh am I selling it to you?). You know we like to give you all the information.

But it's not all sad faces and sighs and keeping your Blonde in shape isn’t as daunting as you might think. Of course, those of you who have travelled up from the depths of the Brunette underworld may need to apply a little more attention to your Blonde than others and as long as you put care for Blonde at the top of your list of must do’s - you’ll be right.

In case you put your to-do list down and pick it up a week later wondering what care for Blonde means, here is what you should be doing.

Tone. Because Yellow Blonde is not a Colour. You can’t just Lighten and run. Keep an eye on your Colour Tone. When you're seeing too much warmth, do a Tone to help cool down the brassiness. Make it a part of your regular maintenance.

Put down the heat tools. You want to keep that Blonde nourished and silky and the blowdryer, straightener combo will do nothing but help dry out the Hair and cause breakage. Try and make a blow dry last as long as possible and find yourself a nice heat serum to help protect your Hair.

Comb first. Oh, that sounds easy. That’s because it is. Use a wide tooth comb through your Hair as a delicate way to work out any knots, rather than ripping a brush through.

Condition and Protect. You need to add some loving back into your Hair by giving it some moisture, particularly if you have been bleaching. Find a treatment you like and do it often. Protect your Hair when out in the sun by wearing a hat and combing through conditioner before swimming.

Towel dry, lightly. Pat your Hair dry to get rid of excess water. Avoid flipping it and scrubbing it roughly.

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