Dark Blonde Is The New Brown

Experience the allure of Dark Blonde, the unsung hero between Light Brown and Medium Blonde. It's the Natural, refreshing choice you've been craving.

You heard it because we said it - Dark Blonde is the new Brown. It’s the breath of fresh Natural (h)air you have been craving, the underdog of the middle ground. To the untrained eye, you might just label it as another Light Brown, but oh there is such a difference.

Hmm, how can we best describe a Dark Blonde? Think of a Light Blonde and a Light Brown, in the middle space in between them - THAT is a Dark Blonde. It’s a shade lighter than a Brunette and the darkest of the Blonde family. It is as simple and classic as a white t-shirt.

Photo: Tumblr

We like to call Dark Blonde, brilliantly basic. It’s the Colour you use when you want people to believe that you have never been near a Colour tube in your life. How? It’s so smooth and toned that it easily blends in with your Natural Colouring and suits most skin Tones. These hues make it our number one choice for a Colour that doesn’t leave your regrowth sticking out like a sore thumb.

What do you think - will Dark Blonde be your next indulgence?

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Dark Blonde
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Dark Beige Blonde

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