Copy Her Colour: The Ladies of GOT - On And Off The Screen

The most important GOT synopsis you'll ever read.

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After an eternity Game of Thrones is back baby and rather than give you an episode synopsis that you can easily find anywhere on the internet by people who are far better equipped at dissecting each and every second of the show with its hidden meanings, we’re here to offer you our Hair roundup, a far more important synopsis of the lead ladies and their manes.

Before you comment at the bottom, yes, we left Cersei out because isn’t it about time that horrendous wig was retired?

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Sansa Stark / Sophie Turner

Her characteristic Copper isn’t as bright as previous seasons and with the real threat of what lies beyond the wall growing her Red has deepened into a serious I mean business Shade with more Gold than Copper for a woody, Chestnuty Sansa Stark 2.0.
Copy her Colour: 3/4 x 7.3 Medium Blonde + 1/4 x 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde.

On the flip side, free from her GOT contract, Sophie Turner 2.0 has shed the Red and proclaiming the beginning of her new career life with an electric Platinum Blonde with Cool, smokey nodes that can be as appealing with diamonds as jeans.
Copy her Colour: 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde.

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Arya Stark / Maisie Williams

The free spirited pocket rocket needs a Hair Colour as strong as her and nothing channels her kick arse character quite like a Brunette with big, bold Natural hues as straight forward as her kill list.
Copy her Colour: 5 Light Brown

Real Life Maisie has dove headfirst into Colour, relieving herself of monotone hues for vibrant and animated Rose Gold ones to add some sprightly energy through her ends that she’s been lacking while fighting her way through the seven kingdoms.
Copy her Colour: Rose Gold

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Daenerys Targaryen / Emilia Clark

Her frosty Blonde braids are as synonymous with her as her dragons and we have loved every minute of her trademark super sleek, Silver Blonde on screen with big brushed eyebrows for a look only fit for a queen.
Copy her Colour: 908 Extra Light Silver Blonde

And at the other end of the Colour ladder, you’ll find Emilia Clark with her deliciously feminine, Natural Brunette cropped perfectly around her ears to Highlight her cheekbones and soft features. Either way, we’re into both.
Copy her Colour: 5 Light Brown

And when it all comes to end, we hope to see a Queen sitting on that Iron Throne.

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