Can You Tone A Brunette?

From enriching depth to subtle dimension, find out how Toning can work its magic on Brunettes, adding a whole new level of brilliance to your Hair.

Just because you are a Brunette or a Dark Blonde doesn’t mean you need to be overly enthused with Warmth. It also doesn’t mean that you need to avoid the darker shades altogether because you don’t like excessive Warmth. Particularly when a lot of Brunette shades have Warmth that add personality and depth and is one big reason why we love them. But that doesn’t mean you need to. Think like a Blonde, said few people ever, and Tone it down.

The rules of Toning don’t change because you’re a Brunette. Like a Blonde you still need to use an Ash or Beige Colour to cool your Colour down and you still need to use a No Lift Developer. We've simplified the Dark Toning experience with the Dark Ash Toner Kit.

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Dark Ash
Toner Kit

But if you want to up the ante with a darker Toner Colour you can.
Try a 7.1 Ash Blonde or 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde. Before you ask, no they will not make your Colour darker because they are darker Blondes. Like the 9.1 in the Toner Kit they will draw on their Ash or Beige pigments to counteract the Red or Golden reflects in your Hair and soothe your Colour right down. We like to use them because their darker pigment compliments Toning darker Hair - perfect for Brunettes.

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Dark Beige Blonde
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Ash Blonde
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No Lift

Choose an Ash Colour for a deeper, smokier Colour that will also remove Warm Red Tones. Choose a Beige Colour to remove the yellowy, bronzed Warmth for a creamy, Cool Brunette. Stick with a No Lift, like you will get in a Toner Kit, and apply to your Hair for no longer than 20 minutes.

Happy Toning Brunette babes!

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