And the Hair Colour of 2017 is..

** Drum roll please **

The Colour of 2017 is

** Drum roll please **


Yup, Natural. Not Natural like when you can’t really be bothered to keep up your regrowth so you grow out your Blonde and call it Balayage. And not Natural like the day you were born, Natural.

We mean Natural hues. That means no to any Tones that are unnaturally vibrant or over processed and yes to glossy, Natural hues that embrace and enhance what your mumma gave you.

We like to call it the “I don’t Colour my Hair, Hair Colour’.

It’s about embracing your Colouring and bringing the energy back into your Hair and complexion, by creating a polished Colour statement.

Here are the 4 Natural Colour variations you should be embracing, hard.

The basic Light Blonde.

8 Light Blonde is neither Ashy or Cool or Warm - it’s Neutral - so it’s an incredible Blonde base. 8 loves to play off sunlight, bringing youthfulness and energy back into your Hair by adding depth back into your Colour. It's a pure Blonde hue that will have people believing you have never touched your Hair and when you’re in the sun, you'll find those little Highlights that will make you wonder too.

Suits: Cool or Warm Undertones.
Use this Colour: 8 Light Blonde.

The blasé Blonde

7 Medium Blonde is underestimated, probably because the Natural (what you're born with) version of this Colour is unimpressive, I can say that because I have it. Instead, 7 Medium Blonde, from the tube, is an extremely versatile and low maintenance Colour that I use to pump up my Natural. Yes, it adds depth and is super shiny, but it also makes your skin glow like you have a permanent application of highlighter on. Plus its incredibly low maintenance. *highfives*

Suits: Cool or Warm Undertones.
Use this Colour: 7 Medium Blonde.

The dirty Blonde

Ash Tones are extremely popular and all too often we hear people struggling to find a nice, Natural looking shade instead of a Platinum Blonde. 7.1 Ash Blonde fills that void. Like all Ash hue’s it’s sleek and polished with a dirty Blonde edge and, thanks to its Medium Blonde base, gives the Hair a shiny, silkiness. We love to use it as a Colour booster to pump up a tired, Natural (what you’re born with) Colour, to add some style and glossiness back into the Hair.

Suits: Cool Undertones.
Use this Colour: 7.1 Ash Blonde.

The Peach Blonde

Forget Strawberry Blonde, we’re hitting a new fruit in the market - Peach Blonde. Peach Blonde is full of energy without being obnoxious and is sophisticated without being boring. It’s full of warmth courtesy of the Golden and Copper shimmers that make it an ageless hue. We love it’s enthusiasm, it’s depth and the way it brings a glow back into the Hair.

Suits: Warm Undertones.
Use these Colours: 9 Very Light Blonde with a squeeze of 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde.

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