All the questions to ask a Colour Consultant about your Hair Colour

The best questions to ask when you're seeking help.

So you’re seeking guidance and enlightenment for your Hair Colour, and although you’ve been thinking a lot about it, you can’t quite put the words together to ask the oracle (Colour Consultants) what you want to know.

Rather than amplifying the anxiety around what can already be an angsty subject, we’ve listed the most important pieces of information our Colour Consultants are seeking straight up, so they can solve your Hair puzzle and help you to your Hair goals as soon as possible.

Tip: Any missed details will show up via strange, uneven or unfinished Colour results, so tell us everything we should know about your Hair.

Tell Us About You:

What is your Natural Hair Colour?

That is the Hair Colour of your Regrowth. Not sure? Compare your Regrowth to our Natural Colour Chart.

What is your % of Greys?

Do you have 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% Grey Hair? Yes, it is important as some Colours cover Grey better than others.

What is the length and thickness of your Hair?

Because you need enough Product to really cover your Hair.

Are there any other traits, exclusive to you, that we should know about your Hair?

Is your Hair Naturally Cool and Ashy? Or do you run Warm and throw Gold/Red? Is your Hair known to be stubborn when Colouring?

Tell Us About Your Hair at this very Moment:

Is your Hair Coloured?

Tell us about it — is it with Permanent, Semi, Bleach — we need to know everything.

Do you have Regrowth?

And how much? Even measure it if you want.

Tell Us About Your Hair History:

We need to know about your past, so you’re futures brighter. Unload to us about what’s been going on in your Hairs life over the past 18 months. Remember to include ex Colours, chemical treatments, flings with Bleach etc.

Tell Us What You Want:

We need you to set the scene, so include a description of the Colour Shade you want to be and even consider adding a photograph to help tell your story.
Then, browse our Hair Colour Range and include which Hair Colour Shade you would like to be. If you can’t decide on one, tell us both and why you like them.

If all this talk has you motivated, keep riding that wave and email our Colour Consultants to impart their wisdom or fill out our Consultant form and they’ll email you back with their recommendations.

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