The Lazy Girls Guide To Regrowth

Maybe, just maybe, you might be a little lazy and maybe, just maybe, it's time to think about a new approach to your Colour.

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Do you swear, after every time you touch up your regrowth, you won’t leave it as long this time. Because once your Colour is refreshed, you feel like you again. The next thing you know, it's 3 months later, and your regrowth is well and truly grown out and you're doing whatever you can to hide it. Maybe, just maybe, you might be a little lazy busy and maybe, just maybe, it's time to think about a new approach to your Colour. It's easier than you think, just follow these tips.

Stay away from straight Colours and Cuts

We’ve all seen that Hairstyle. You know, the top half is a dark, Natural Colour, the bottom half is a yellow, grown out Bleached Blonde. Shudder. If your lazy, sorry, too busy for regular regrowth touch ups, this is our number 1 piece of advice: no straight Colours or Haircuts. Nothing high maintenance like a Platinum Blonde, think again about a vibrant Red and please, oh please, don’t decide on the tiger stripped streaks.

Choose a low maintenance Colour

Heavy lines, from straight Colours, make your regrowth incredibly visible. The key here is to be subtle. Choose a Hairstyle that can embrace your regrowth, such as a Bronde; a very Natural looking style that grows out nicely and doesn’t need regular touching up. Why not try Highlights, rather than big chunky streaks, to add small pieces of lightness through the Hair, that look Natural and less harsh when growing out.

Know the right hairstyles to cover your regrowth

This is actually simpler than you think. Avoid the middle part and sleek, tight Hairstyles. Add in some Volume to get the Hair off the scalp and avoid keeping your Hair straight. Want some more tips? Read more: 4 Ways To Hide Regrowth.

Don’t just whack a Colour on

This is important. When it comes to re Colouring, don’t just throw your Colour on. Colouring the full head every time you Colour your regrowth, will give you Colour Build Up. Overlapping old Colour with new Colour can give you Colour banding. Thankfully it's all avoidable. Before reColouring read these pages: Regrowth 101, Hair Colour Banding and the Colour Top Up Technique to avoid any disasters.

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