7 Practical Hair Resolutions To Live By

These 7 resolutions are not only awesome to keep apart of your routine, but are incredibly easy to implement. Come at me new year - I'm ready!

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The new diary is open and your ready. This year will be different, you say to yourself. So while you're being bombarded with emails and notifications of what your New Years Resolutions should be, we have put together 7 we will be following. We call this reality. This isn't your resolution #12: I will start running, and by the end of January I will be able to run 10kms, which comes to a grinding halt mid month. These are 7 resolutions that are not only awesome to keep apart of your routine, but are incredibly easy to implement. Come at me 2016 - I'm ready!

I will make a plan

Now’s the time to stop and have a think about it all and ask yourself some questions. Do you like where your Hair is at the moment? Is it time to reconsider your look? Are you better with a low maintenance Hairstyle like a Bronde? Take 5 minutes to mark every 4-6 weeks in your diary as a reminder to yourself, to take some time out to touch up your Colour.

I will spend time on my Colouring skills

You know the old saying; you get out what you put in. Make 2016 the year of growth, where you will tackle that technique you have been thinking about for awhile now. Perfect your Hair Sectioning. Get better at your regrowth applications, particularly around the Hairline. Keep up to date with our Blog to find out new techniques and styles. The better you are, the quicker you get, the easier it all is! Plus you can add this talent to your skill set!

I will be true to me

How many Hair trends have we been through in the last 12 months? How many more will there be in the next 12? Countless! Don't fall sucker to a style that looks great on her, presuming it will also be on you. You're unique; your skin tones, facial features, face shape are perfectly yours. Choose a style that completes you. Yes, we have the Products to help reverse drama’s, but don’t be switching your Hair up every month to follow the latest trend. It will do you, and your Hair, no favours.

I will cut my Hair… regularly.

It was one of our 2015 resolution’s and is now on our 2016 list, and probably will be again in 2017 and 2018. Get a Hair cut! Despite what many advertisements might tell you, once your ends are split, no amount of Product, expensive or cheap, will make them un split. Cut the ends off! Give your Hair a recharge and a reshape and invest in yourself!

I will try to mix and match

Resolutions are all about a new challenge, so let’s mix things up a little. Try adding a squeeze of another Colour in with your regular mixture, for some added Tone and reflect. Our personal favourite? It's a tough one and we can’t decide between our 2 favourites:
Mix a dash of 7.53 Chocolate Blonde with a majority 7 Medium Blonde, to add some Bronze into your Colour. Or try a squeeze of 9.3 Light Golden Blonde with 8 Light Blonde for Natural Blonde with Golden reflects.

I will be realistic

It’s great to be inspired by a friend, celebrity or red carpet look and then get on your way to achieve the same look. But hang on a second, is it realistic? One pet peeve of any Hairdresser, seriously just ask one, is how unrealistic peoples expectations are. Colour is a process, and it can take a few sessions before you finally get to the Colour you want. So ask yourself, is your desired outcome possible? Is it the best choice for your Hair? Are you willing to be patient to reach your goal? All these things are important to consider.

I will invest in my Hair

Take the time and effort to take good care of your Hair. Find a good quality treatment and use it weekly. Take time away from the heated tools and opt for air drying every now and then. Keep an eye on your Colour Build Up. Protect your Hair from the sun. Place the same importance on your Hair as you would your skin and body.

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