5 tips to get your Hair through the holiday season

How to best prepare your Hair for the holidays, by following these 5 simple steps to success!

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Yes we all know the Christmas, New Year period, is a busy one. But before we let ourselves get all dramatic, let’s take things down a notch, preferably to calm, and see how we can alleviate a little stress. You know what they say, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So let’s be a little lucky this holiday season and talk about how to best prepare for the holidays, by following these 5 simple steps. Success!

Be prepared.

Right now, take a moment to have a look at your Colour. Does your regrowth need a touch up? Is your Colour needing a refresh? Do you have enough Product? Find time before it gets too busy to take care of your Hair. The beauty about Home Colour is you can do it on your time schedule at any time of day, not based around opening hours.

For the travellers

Prioritise. You don’t need a whole suitcase for your Hair. Pick your key things: shampoo, a good conditioner and wide tooth comb are perfect. If you are travelling via air, pack your Colour and Developer securely in your suitcase to go in the baggage hold. If you are road tripping, remember to keep your Products in a cool location and out of the sun.

No hat no play

Seriously. You put sunblock on your face, it is as important to protect your Hair. Use a hat to shield your Hair from sun damage. If long beach or pool days are your thing, coat your Hair in conditioner at the beginning of the day to protect from the sun and water. Consider it a high priority.

Get some time out

Put down the hot tools, it's time to give it a rest. Gain a little extra time and give your Hair a break by saying no to the Hairdryer and straightener, and consider some air dry Hairstyles for a change. Your Hair will thank you for it. Can’t get your head around Hairstyles without your tools? Find out more here

Keeping it Fresh

Sun, water, extra Hair washing changes your Colour. Refresh your Colour by doing a Tone regularly to make sure the only warmth you're experiencing is the weather.

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