Colour Match: Kylie Minogue

Like Kylie Minogue's Blonde? Copying her Colour is easy, easy, easy!

Photo: Tumblr

She’s a legend. A hard working, humble human and thanks to the release of her new Christmas album, we have been lucky enough to see a bit more of Miss Minogue lately. So we thought now was as gooder time as ever to give her a feature. Yes, it’s Kylie’s Kristmas Kolour Match!

Photo: Tumblr

Kylie is the epitome of a Blonde Aussie. Her warm, honey Blonde Hair is simple and understated. Her Colour is straight forward and un complicated. It’s a Colour that compliments skin regardless of the age. All in all a Colour done very well.

Photo: Tumblr

So how do you get her Colour? It’s all about the Naturals. Our Colour Match is 9 Very Light Blonde for the same sandy hue. It’s perfect combination of warmth and Tone, make it an all rounder, classic shade giving you that same beautiful Blonde.


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