The Victoria's Secret Guide to Christmas Party Hair

Our step - by - step guides to achieving our 4 favourite Angel's Hairstyles.

Kendall Jenner
Photo: Tumblr

After watching those amazing women dazzle us at this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we wanted to know how we could sprinkle some of that energy into our lives. The answer was right in front of us: the Hair. Like an Alex Perry girl, your Hair holds your attitude and those women have it in handfuls. We have chosen our 4 favourite Angel's with their fabulous Hairstyles to get a little inspiration for the Christmas party season.

Gigi Hadid
Photo: Tumblr


Who doesn’t love a beach wave? It's oh so very fitting for the season and is PERFECT for our humid weather. Laid back, soft waves match basically any party dress and are an incredible way to show off your fabulous Colour! Plus they look divine gathered together in a pony the next day. Interested?
Try the look here

Lily Alridge
Photo: Tumblr

Crown Braid

For those days when it's just too hot and no amount of Product or styling will keep your Hair from having a party of its own; choose a Crown Braid. Yes, they keep your neck cool, but they are striking and super chic, and become a talking point.
Try the look here

Kendall Jenner
Photo: Tumblr

Top Knot

Oh the old faithful. When braids aren’t going to cut it, and you just want your Hair up, choose a top knot for a more polished look than your everyday salt laced messy bun. Yes, it needs a little more time and effort than some other Hairstyles, but it's well worth it for that striking, sophisticated look. Try the look here

Candice Swanepoel
Photo: Tumblr

Pony Tail

The all time statement Hairstyle. You can have it high, low, loose or just simple, sleek and oh so effective. Is there are Hairstyle more perfect? Don’t forget, they are the great next day Hairstyle; that added grease actually helps pull off the look! We couldn’t decide which Pony we liked best, so we included them all.
For the sleek Pony
For a fun, topsy-turvy Pony
Pony For a fuller Pony

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