Colour Match: Adele

How to copy Adele's authentic, effortless Blonde.

Photo: Tumblr

Adele is a different species of musician. She is special. A strong and fearless woman that has broken the mould into so many pieces, you forget it ever existed. You won’t find her flogging herself across the pages of every magazine, selling anything and everything possible. She believes in no, for all the right reasons.

Photo: Tumblr

It feels like an eternity since her last album, and since dropping her latest single Hello, our bodies have been refilled with passionate music, we can scream out once again. Adele is unapologetically herself, with an inspiring attitude. And with her new album dropping in a matter of days, we thought she is the perfect feature for this months Colour Match.

Photo: Tumblr

Photo: Tumblr

In an industry of over saturated and over processed, Adele falls in the opposite category. Her Hair keeps an authentic look, embracing her hues and Natural warmth. It’s simple Colouring, done so incredibly well you can only describe it as effortless. Her Blonde highlights add that sun kissed touch, for a beautiful all round Colour.

Our Colour match is our 8 Light Blonde for its Natural, not too dark but light enough, effect. Its dainty and perfectly Toned and an incredible Blonde. If you are looking to add a bit more warmth to your Colour, choose a 7.3 Golden Blonde. Its chestnut look with Golden reflects, give you a little bit more depth and bronzed look.


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