7 years of Karlie Kloss's Hair Colour

We relived her different Hair styles with the nostalgia of a proud parent in hope to become a Blonde boss like Kloss. We just can't decide on the hue.

Photo: Tumblr

Karlie Kloss, or Klossy as we affectionately call her, is our kind of woman. She’s strong, kind and built with some serious brains. Her Hair appearance at this year's Met Gala not only surprised us but had us reflecting on her career - fun fact, did you know she hasn’t even hit 25?

We relived her different Hair styles with the nostalgia of a proud parent, putting together a scrapbook of the best of her styles over the past 7 years and Colour matching each one of them along the way.

So if you want to be a Blonde boss like Kloss, pick your hue now.

Photo: Tumblr

2011: Baby Kloss.

Colour Match: 7 Medium Blonde
Nothing is more understated than a barely there, naked Natural. When you’re choosing a shade that is close to your Natural born Hair Colour it’s a simple Colour top up that boosts your Hair Colour and brings back the shine you’re lacking, without having a dramatic Colour change.

Photo: Tumblr

2012: Dark Kloss.

Colour Match: 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde
2012 brought depth to her Colour with a Dark Blonde almost Brunette shade with the addition of subtle Cool Beige Tones that create a smooth shiny Colour.

Photo: Tumblr

2013: Bobby Kloss.

Colour Match: 7.1 Ash Blonde
Klossy’s smokey, medium Blonde hues sang odes back to her younger years as a Natural 7 Blonde, adding hints of Ash to crisp up her Colour to obviously show her maturity.

Photo: Tumblr

2014: Natural Kloss.

Colour Match: 8 Light Blonde
Her Hair matched her personality, Natural and down to earth. We love the sandy Blonde Tones and shine in her Colour, that you’ll only find in a Natural Hair Colour shade.

Photo: Tumblr

2015: Honey Kloss.

Colour Match: Light Honey Blonde
Honey Tones breathe energy into dull Blondes, and none is more the case than the ’15 Kloss. Her warm, Natural effervescent Colour brings out her complexion and features (like come on, that cheek structure - wow) and breathes light and gloss into her Hair.

Photo: Tumblr

2016: Kreamy, Klassic Kloss.

Colour Match: 8.2 Light Beige Blonde
When you’re over Gold and you still suit a Cool tone (damn you Kloss), Beige is the perfect creamy Tone. We saw her do the Beige in ’12, so it was no surprise to see a revival when she looks that good in it. That classic, creamy Blonde is an absolute winner.

Photo: Tumblr

2017: Future Kloss.

Colour Match: 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde
Ok so the style might not be permanent, but when you’re trying to make a Colour statement the Highlift Blondes are the right choice. Her Colour is super Light, super smooth and those Ash Tones soothe her into serious, platinum Blonde.

Now tell us, which Kloss rocks your socks?

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