5 Hair Colour Styles to Try — While You Have the Time

While you’ve got some time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out that dream Hair Colour you’ve always loved.

Just recently, we received an email from a long time customer asking us how she could achieve a Hair Colour that was on the other end of the spectrum from her usual Shade. She continued telling us that now she was homebound with copious amounts of time, she needed to seize the moment and try that Hair Colour she’d been dreaming of for years.

It turns out, she isn’t alone. Since her original email, our Colour Consultants have been swamped with emails from other long-timers who too are grabbing this opportunity by the you-know-whats and following their Hair dreams, wherever that may take them.

And so, captivated by this new wave of adventure, we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite Colour styles that make for the greatest Colour adventures.

Dream Colour #1 — The New Normal Naturals

You may be surprised to see these Shades on the list, but remember, if you’ve been Colouring with an Intense or Vibrant Shade for some time, nothing could be further. There is no Hair Colour with the same resuscitating abilities as a Natural Hair Colour. Got old Highlights that you’re bored of? Using a Natural over them will revive your Colour *and* use them to add dimension to your new Hair Colour. Dealing with Greys? A Natural Shade and 20 Volume Developer won’t just cover them, they’ll bring the shine back to your Hair. Or just simply pump up the pigment and breathe life into a faded Hair Colour.

Dream Colour #2 — Brighter, Vibrant Days Ahead

Changing to an intense Hair Colour can be both terrifying and empowering all at once, but once you’ve had these all-encompassing Shades it’s hard to satisfy the senses the same way again. Instantly gratifying, dive right in with these Shades that fill the Hair with shiny pops of Colour and super plumping powers that leave your Hair looking healthier and fuller.

If you’re starting with a Blonde base, pre Lightened or Natural, you’re lucky because it’s the perfect Colour step for Shades like the Rose Gold, Strawberry Blonde, Coppers or Peach Blonde to build off. Don’t think you’re missing out if you are a Brunette beauty, keep with the Deeper Coppers, Mahogany's and Reds to deliver those rich, high shine hues.

Dream Colour #3 — Take a ride on the Dark Side

Now is the perfect moment to throw caution to the wind and embrace your Darker side. How Dark you go isn’t for us to decide and it doesn’t necessarily mean Black — it’s all relative to your Colouring. Lighter Blondes may enjoy transforming into a Cool Dark Blonde, Dark Blondes may enjoy a richer, Chocolate Brunette Shade, Brunettes may enjoy a glassy, deep Dark Brown.

I can tell you though, being Darker has its benefits. For starters, Colouring with a Darker Shades correlates to a low maintenance Hair Colour with your Regrowth line being far less dramatic than when you’re Colouring your Hair much Lighter than your own. It also opens the door to a world full of deeper, more indulgent hues you simply can’t have with Lighter Shades. And wait until you see that mirror-like shine you get from your new Darker Shade, it is beyond.

If you are stating major transformation, such as Darkening your Hair more than 3 Shades, a Filler Colour is essential to build the pigment back into your Hair to even out your Tone. Otherwise, try a No Lift Developer as you don’t need the Lightening powers or use a 20 Volume Developer if you have 50% or more Grey sparkles.

Dream Colour #4 — I’ve Been On Holidays

Why use a filter or try and find the right light for your Zooms and Facetimes when that spark you’re looking for can be achieved with your Hair Colour choice? Try a Gold Shade. Golden pigments flood your Hair with Warming sun-kissed minus sun-damaged, fresh from the beach glowing hues that bounce off light and shine like the sun glistening over the Mediterranean.

And like you’d expect to look after your holiday, Golden Shades brighten and energise your Hair and Skin tone. How much holiday spirit is up to you. If a week away is sufficient, mix a hint of Gold with a Natural Shade for a subtle sparkle of Warmth. If the full Summer spent travelling around Europe is more your style there are plenty of 24k Blondes, indulgent Chocolates or vibrant Reds/Coppers to give you a luxurious Colour.

Dream Colour #5 — Transformation

There are no deadlines, no calendars to clear and nobody to ask why you’re wearing a hat for a week at work. It’s time to Colour Remove that Build Up, budge that Banding or give your Hair the clean-out it deserves with Colour Remover.

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