6 Realistic Tips for Great Air Dried Hair

Low maintenance, saves your Hair from being dried out by the heat and is so much easier. What's not to love?

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What's not to like about air drying? It’s low maintenance, saves your Hair from being dried out by the heat and makes life that much easier. Sounds so simple right? Well, that's the little bit we want to talk about. Air dried Hair takes a little more work than just having a shower. Done right, your Hair will look fabulous. Done wrong and your Hair could look better dirty. Here's how to avoid a disaster.

Our first tip: there is no one size fits all.

You know your Hair better than anyone. The one method of air drying, isn’t for all Hair types. Those who were lucky enough to be born with curly Hair may need more Product than those with fine Hair. Take this all into account.

Choose your Conditioner well

Let’s start at the beginning. Your conditioner choice is important. We always recommend investing in a good Shampoo and Conditioner, that suits your Hair type. Focus the conditioner on your ends, and for those of you with curly or thick Hair, leave it in don’t wash it out.

Choose your Towel wisely

The key to a good air drying is not rubbing your Hair with a towel. To remove the dampness, gently blot, or squeeze, your Hair to get rid of the moisture. Choose a micro fibre towel or even wrap your Hair up in a soft cotton t-shirt. Their threads are fine and won't disturb your Hair. Typical towel fibres give you the beginnings of frizziness.

Comb only

Don’t bother with the brush for this one. Use a comb once you have towel dried, detangling your Hair into a part. Keep the part where you want it to be when your Hair is dry.

Choose your Product based on your desired Hairstyle

Before adding Product, think about what you are aiming for. Use a salt spray to add some texture to your Hair, or opt for a serum if you have curls, to let it do its own thing. Use your fingers to comb through the Product. The next day use a dry shampoo to add some volume.

Try a Hairstyle

Add a little more shape by swirling your Hair into a high bun to finish drying, to later pull it out into perfect loose waves as you walk out the door. Try this hairstyle from Daily Makeover
Or why not try a braid. Do two smaller braids from the top of your head for a tighter full head of curls and volume. Or start half way down the head with thicker, looser braids, for a relaxed wave. Just like seen here at refinery29

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