The Winter Hair Myth

Think that you can let your Colour go just because it's Winter? Think again. 

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On the lead up to Summer, you can find hundreds of articles about Summer braids, Summer Hairstyles, Summer Blondes. You know the images; salt infused, curly Blonde Hair flying in the wind, with the beach in the background. Then, when Winter rolls around, you don’t seem to find the same enthusiasm about Hair. Let us introduce the Winter Hair Myth.

The Winter Hair Myth is the belief that you can let your Colour go just because its Winter. Like the only time people ever notice your Hair is during Summer? Rubbish. We want you to start getting enthusiastic about your Colour, 365 days of the year. Below we have shared 5 key points to get your Colour back on track and the talking point this Winter and the next!

For the Brunette’s

Ok lets get serious; just because it’s Winter and your a Brunette doesn’t mean you can let your standards slip. Keep on top of your regrowth, because it is still noticeable. Nothing feels better than when you do your Colour and it adds life back into your Hair and dramatically improves your Winter shade of pale. Why not consider a darker Colour with some warmth, such as 5.53, to add some oomph and reflect to your Colour.

For the Blondes

Fact 1: Blonde Hair requires maintenance all year round. This is not to discourage you, rather inform you now so you can maintain your fabulous Blonde Hair.
Fact 2: Toning is a very important part of this maintenance and is needed all year round. Of course, the Summer months may require a little more attention, but it’s still an important part of being a Blonde.

The Colour Top Up technique

The elements can take it out of your Colour and make your once fabulous Hair Colour look a little drab. Rather than applying Colour on top of Colour, causing Colour Build Up, consider using our Colour Top Up technique.

After Colouring your regrowth keep some left over mixture aside. During the last few minutes of processing time, add some water to the mixture and apply to the Hair, massaging it through your ends to make sure all your Hair is covered. Leave on for a couple of minutes and wash out. The touch up adds life and dimension back to your Colour, without adding extra layers of Colour Build Up, which can make your Colour darker.

Maintain your regrowth

You don’t need to go rushing to touch up your regrowth as soon as you notice it, but leaving it too long can increase the chance of Colour banding. Try waiting at least 4 weeks before Colouring and focus on just your regrowth. You don’t need to bring your Colour through to your ends. If you want to top up your Colours vibrancy use the Colour Top Up technique we mentioned above.

The elements

Flash back to Summer where you were reading about how to get sun-kissed, salt drenched Hair, while sitting under your beach umbrella with a hat covering your Hair, because really we know our Hair needs protection so it doesn’t feel like straw. Now this rule still applies in Winter, we must protect our Hair from environmental factors. And for the lucky ones who head overseas in search of the sun or the snow bunnies hitting the slopes; just because it's a short break doesn’t mean you can lapse either. Keep up your weekly treatments and invest in good Products to help protect your Hair and keep it in great protection.

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